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The Guilty, a 2021 American thriller film about crime and violence, is directed and produced in the USA by Antoine Fuqua. It was made from Nic Pizzolatto's original script. The remake of the 2018 Danish film, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ethan Hawke star. Also, Riley Keough, Christina Vidal (with Eli Goree), Riley Keough, Christina Vidal, and Riley Keough are featured.



Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor
Christina Vidal as Sergeant Denise Wade
Adrian Martinez as Manny


Ethan Hawke as Sergeant Bill Miller
Riley Keough as Emily Lighton
Eli Goree as Rick
Da'Vine Joy Randolph as CHP Dispatcher
Paul Dano as Matthew Fontenot
Peter Sarsgaard as Henry Fisher, Emily's ex-husband
Christiana Montoya as Abby, Emily and Henry's daughter
David Castañeda as Tim Geraci
Beau Knapp as Dru Nashe
Edi Patterson as Katherine Harbor
Gillian Zinser as Jess Baylor, Joe's ex-wife
Bill Burr as Nightclub Caller
Dillon Lane as Crashed Cyclist
Marlene Forte as House on Fire Caller



Jake Gyllenhaal purchased rights to The Guilty, a 2018 Danish thriller. Bold Films would also be producing and starring in the remake. It was announced in September 2020 that Nic Pizzolatto would be directed and produced by Antoine Fuqua. The movie was acquired by Netflix for $30 million later that month. Ethan Hawke and Riley Keough joined the film's cast in November 2020.

In November 2020, principal photography was started in Los Angeles.



Joe Baylor, an LAPD officer, is on the night shift at a 911 center. He has been overwhelmed by calls about the large wildfire that erupted in the Hollywood Hills. Joe is currently awaiting trial for a strange incident that occurred on shift eight months back. He is expected to resume active duty the next day after a court hearing. Joe is being harassed by an LA Times reporter and receives emergency calls asking him for information about tomorrow's trial.

Joe gets a call from Emily Lighton, a young woman who is unable to talk. Joe concludes that Emily has been kidnapped. He discovers they are riding in a van while on the freeway. But the abductor notices, and Emily hangs up before she can provide more information. Joe relays this information to CHP, but the van is not found with so little information.

Joe dials Emily's phone number and talks to Abby, her little girl. Abby tells Joe that Emily was taken from her by Henry Fisher, her ex-husband. Abby gives him Henry's number, and he uses it to obtain the van's plate number. CHP is contacted to arrange for a patrol vehicle to visit Abby and Oliver. He also searches Henry's apartment, but he is denied this request due to a lack of a warrant.

Joe calls Rick, his off-duty ex-partner, and asks him if he can check on Henry. Joe is expected to give witness testimony tomorrow. Rick expresses concern that the trial will not go their way. Rick breaks into Henry's apartment and discovers piles upon piles of documents and letters. Joe asks Rick to begin searching for any information that could help them determine where Henry is. Joe calls his ex-wife and asks her to name their daughter. But she is asleep, so Joe asks his wife to hang up.


Joe gets a second call from Abby. He instructs her to open the door for two LAPD officers who are performing a wellness check. Officers discover that Abby was covered in blood and Oliver, who Abby claimed was sleeping, is seriously injured. Joe calls Emily again and convinces Emily to pull the handbrake. However, the van does not crash. Later, he talks to Emily in the back of her van and asks about Oliver. Emily reveals that Oliver believed she had "snakes" in his stomach and "took them out." Henry stops the car to try and remove Emily from the back. But she hits him with the brick and runs.

Rick calls Joe and tells him that he found documents at Henry's house related to the San Bernadino psychiatric center where Emily was once a patient. Joe calls Henry and explains to him that he was taking Emily back there. Emily has been off her medication for several weeks due to financial difficulties. Joe questions Henry about why he didn't call the police after Emily injured Oliver. Henry says he doesn't trust the system anymore because nobody was willing to help them before. Henry does not know where Emily ran, so Joe questions him.

Joe calls Emily back from the overpass, and she implies that Emily is about to jump to her death. Joe directs CHP towards her location and tries to get her off the ledge. Joe tells Emily that he killed an active duty man to distract her. Emily then asks him why. He agrees to her question about whether it was snakes. Joe informs Emily that her family loves her. Emily replies that she is going to be with Oliver and hangs up. Joe believes she has jumped to her death. However, CHP calls to say that they managed to get her safely down. Oliver is still alive at the hospital and is in stable condition.

Joe calls Rick and asks him the truth. He knows that Rick will be sent to prison for it. Joe also calls the LA Times to inform the reporter that he plans to plead guilty at his upcoming trial to manslaughter.



The Guilty premiered on September 11, 2021, at the Toronto International Film Festival. It will be launched on September 24, 2021, with a limited release date. On October 1, 2020, the film will be available on Netflix.


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