‘The Haunting’ Season 3: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date, Bly Manor Ending Explained

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The Haunting of Bly Manor, another Netflix hit, is another great success. Fans are still reeling after the end of Bly Manor. One of their biggest questions is, will The Haunting be back for another season?  We certainly think so, but the wait could be extensive, here’s why.

Mike Flanagan created and continues to produce The Haunting, a Netflix Original horror-anthology series. The Haunting is a supernatural horror series that adapts classic ghost stories into modern settings.

Intrepid Pictures is responsible for production of The Haunting. Trevor Macy and Mike Flanagan are the producers.

Netflix Renewal Status for The Haunting 3 Season 3

Netflix Official Renewal Status Pending (Last Updated on 11/10/2020).

The Haunting of Bly Manor, which has been streaming for only two days at the time of this writing, is fresh in viewers' minds.

Netflix waited until February 2019 to officially renew the series, four months after The Haunting of Hill House was released.

Judging how popular The Haunting of Bly Manor has become already, renewal shouldn’t be an issue. It is currently number 1 in many countries around the world, as well as the US.

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In the weeks and months ahead, we can expect more information.

What date can we look forward to The Haunting season 3, on Netflix?

It all depends on two things: The renewal of The Haunting and how involved creator Mike Flanagan will be in the series.

While renewal could be confirmed within the next months, production on a third season might not start until 2021 or later. Flanagan has two new Original Series for Netflix at the moment. The first is Midnight Mass, a supernatural horror. The second has been confirmed to be the adaptation of Christopher Pike’s horror novel The Midnight Club.

There’s also the question of whether or not Flanagan chooses to direct a film project, as his last, Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, was released in 2019.

One thing to consider, which could see The Haunting return sooner rather than later, is Mike Flanagan’s involvement in Hill House compared to Bly Manor. Every episode of Hill House was directed by Flanagan, whereas the only episode he directed in Bly Manor was “The Great Good Place,” the series opener.

Subscribers have at the most a lot to look forward too from Mike Flanagan of Netflix.

the haunting hill house behind the scenss

Behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Hill House – Copyright. Netflix

Explanation of the Haunting at Bly Manor

The curse that Viola Willoughby had placed on Bly Manor was broken through Dani’s sacrifice. Viola was accepted by Dani into her own body, so all ghostly inhabitants of Bly Manor, Rebecca and Hannah, were allowed to finally pass away.

The survivors of Bly Manor survived and moved on to their next lives.

Lord Henry left England with Flora and Miles. Owen eventually opened his own restaurant in honor of Hannah’s memory. A reunion between the trio of survivors at Owen’s restaurant leads to the revelation that both Wingrave children had forgotten about their time at Bly Manor.

the haunting of season 3 flora

Flora and Miles overcame the trauma they experienced at Bly Manor – Copyright. Netflix

Jamie and Dani also made the move to America. They became florists and opened their own shop. Viola, the ticking clock within Dani's body, was not a problem. Dani enjoyed many happy years with Jamie. As time went on, Dani began losing control over herself. One night, she nearly choked Jamie. Fearful that Dani would harm the woman she loved, Dani fled America and left Jamie to find her.

Jamie’s search immediately took her to Bly Manor, where she learned of Dani’s tragic fate. Now residing at the bottom of the lake, Dani had taken Viola’s place as the new Lady of the Lake. Dani, however, would not claim any soul as she was the new Lady of the Lake. Viola would also suffer the same fate as Dani, who is doomed to lose herself and all her precious memories.

the haunting season 3 dani death lake 2

Jamie discovering Dani’s dead body at the bottom of the lake – Copyright. Netflix

We found out the truth. The storyteller was an older Jamie and Flora, the bride, is now 30 years old. It turns out that many of the people attending the wedding are older versions of Miles, Owen and Henry.

Jamie takes Dani to her hotel room and leaves her door open slightly. She then fills her bathtub and sink with water in vain hope that Dani will return and locate her. After years of waiting, we see Dani’s hand resting on Jamie’s shoulder, showing that even after all this time Dani still remembers, and loves Jamie.

the haunting season 3 carla gugino

Jamie waiting in the hope to see Dani again – Copyright. Netflix

What book should The Haunting next adapt?

Assuming that the Anthology continues to adapt classic ghost stories, there’s a fantastic selection of novels to choose from.

The Old Nurse’s Story

Published: 1852 | Published: 1852

The Haunting Anthology is a tale about a haunted home and an elderly nurse who recounts a disturbing incident in her past.

There are plenty of avenues to explore with a tale as old as The Old Nurse’s story, and we could potentially see a period piece, or like what has been done with the first two seasons, a modern adaptation of the story in a contemporary setting.

the haunting season 3 the old nurses story

Artist’s impression of The Old Nurse’s Story

The Open Door

Written By: Charlotte Riddell | Published: 1882

Another victorian novel, the story isn’t too dissimilar to the mystery of the red door in Hill House, but rather than it remained closed, the door constantly opened by a mysterious paranormal entity. Much like The Old Nurse’s Story and Turn of the Screw, old Victorian novels are perfect for contemporary adaptations.

the haunting season 3 the open door

The Open Door – Copyright. Dodo Press

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