‘The I-Land’ Season 2: Why Series Won’t Return To Netflix

Review Ethan / 2022-11-11 18:24:58

The I-Land is now available on Netflix. Seven episodes have just been uploaded. Although reviews are mixed, some may wonder if The I-Land will return for season 2. We’re sad to say that’s not going to be the case, here’s what we know.

Although it started slowly at first, the series evolved into a great sci-fi series with mind-bending ideas that were well worth your time.

On September 12, 2019, The I-Land was released worldwide on Netflix.


Is there a possibility of a second season?

Let’s start off with a will there be a second season. It is quite simple. The series is dubbed as a Limited Series which means the creators and Netflix went into the project knowing it’d be the first and last.

Netflix (at least in France) has also confirmed via Twitter that season 1 is over. When one fan asked if there would be a season 2, the account answered with the following: “There is no follow-up. It’s a miniseries. So only one season.”

Warning! Spoilers ahead for this series.

Could there possibly be another series? The answer to that question is likely no. The ending of the story is satisfying. The curtains are opened to reveal the truth about the world, and the reason why The I-Land program exists.

Although it’d be good to know if KC and Cooper ever get the redemption the program set out is yet to be known.

An interactive special is one possibility for the show's future. One of the jury members mentioned during one of their meetings that the simulation was a collection of options which could be used to create an interactive special. Your backstory slowly unravels as you wake up on an island.

Next on Netflix: What's next after The I-Land?

Now you’ve completed The I-Land, chances are you’re looking for something similar to watch.

Let’s start off with Black Mirror but specifically two of the episodes in season 2. White Bear (episode 2) is the first episode. It features a prison where the prisoner experiences torture. The fourth episode, which is also a Christmas special and features simulated dream and simulation scenarios that can be used to interrogate prisoners.

LOST is still available in some Netflix regions, which makes it an easy comparison.

Beyond that, if you’re looking for pure sci-fi check out I Am Mother from earlier this year or have a look into Maniac which is another limited series perfect for a weekend sitting.

You enjoyed The I-Land and would like to watch more? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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