‘The Interview’ could be coming to Netflix exclusively in the coming days

Review Ethan / 2023-05-06 14:34:16

Seth Rogen and James Franco's comedy have been one of the most discussed movies in the world this year, and it is not for the right reasons. With numerous threats and even cyber attacks the film has sparked tensions within North Korea who’s suspected of being behind the attacks. Film based on two journalist who travel to North Korea in order to kill King Jong Un has attracted much attention, but it was pulled from more than 3000 US cinemas.

Sony desperately tries to recover the revenue lost by releasing movies on VoD platforms such as YouTube and Xbox Video, or Google Play. The movie was still available in smaller cinemas across the country. Variety reports that Netflix has been in discussions with Netflix to release the film on Netflix.

Starz, the company who typically holds the contracts for new Sony releases has announced that it has ceased negoations and said to Variety “As the situation with ‘The Interview’ is new territory and has been constantly evolving, Starz released the film from its output deal in order to allow Sony maximum flexibility with their distribution strategy,”

Sony is now in the spotlight as they try to resolve the tensions caused by the movie. It’s also been noted that both Amazon and Hulu have not approached or been approached by Sony to distribute the movie.

While there’s no fixed date or any confirmation that the movie will even come to Netflix it’s definitely possible and will also open Netflix up to criticism and even potential attacks. We’ll be following this story closely and let you know of any updates.


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