‘The One’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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Are you in love with The One? Howard Overman’s latest sci-fi drama only just dropped on Netflix, but already millions of subscribers from around the world have binged the series. There were many questions. But the most important was: Has Netflix renewed The One for Season 2? Not just yet, but there’s plenty to suggest we could see the return of The One sometime in the near future.

The One, a Netflix Original Sci-Fi Crime Series created by Howard Overman, and based upon the John Marrs novel. Overman is the creator of Misfits, a Channel 4 show. He also created the H.G. adaptation. Wells’ War of the Worlds.

Netflix renew status for One Season 2

The first season of The One only just arrived on Netflix on March 12th, which means it’s still too early for the streaming service to announce the future of the series.

Renewal can take as little as a week to several months, but we’d expect to learn more about the renewal of The One within several weeks.

The One already has an impact on Netflix. This will make a significant difference in the future of series renewals. The One, which has been streaming for just four days, has reached second place on the US Top 10 Lists.

the one season 2 netflix renewal status and release date top 10 usa

Not only has The One made it into the US top 10 list, but also the top 10’s of 71 countries from around the world! The series reached the top spot in Netflix UK after only two days.

The One has clearly shown to be an extremely popular series around the world, so we’re more than hopeful for its renewal.

The One Season 2: What can you expect?

Are Kate and Sebastian going to have an affair?

One revelation about The One was that siblings can match with one another due to the genetic traits they inherit from their parents. This is exactly what has happened between Kate, Sophia, and Sophia’s brother Sebastian.

Sebastian is returning to Barcelone, and he also invites Kate to join him. Kate is in love with Sophia but Sebastian's complicated feelings could cause a disaster.

the one season 2 netflix renewal status and release date kate and sophia

Sophia and Kate’s relationship could be thrown off course by Sebastian – Copyright. Urban Myth Films

With whom will Hannah match?

If it wasn’t for Hannah’s own paranoia, her partner Mark would never have met his match in Megan. In the end, Mark chose Hannah, but upon hearing, Megan intended to return to Australia clearly upset him, but Megan isn’t finished with the pair just yet. Once again Hannah is the cause of her own downfall when she returns Megan’s sports bra to her. Megan gave Megan a goodbye hug and Megan had the chance to get a haircut from Hannah.

Megan took it upon herself, as Hannah had never been matched. If Hannah’s match is found this will only complicate her relationship with Mark further as the pair just found out that Hannah is pregnant.

Hannah might not find the right match, and that would make Hannah even more anxious.

the one season 2 netflix renewal status and release date hannah mark

The marriage of Mark and Hannah is going through an extreme stress test – Copyright. Urban Myth Films

What will happen to Ben?

Kate is determined to prove Rebecca’s guilt, while Rebecca is more determined than ever to hold on to her power as CEO of The One.

There are few who can tell the truth about Ben as it looms over Rebecca's head. James’ knowledge of what happened to Ben is his biggest defense against Rebecca, but at the same time, that knowledge could also be his downfall.

James could make an attempt to turn Rebecca against him. He might end up in the river.

Rebecca is smart but she's not perfect. Kate is always ready to catch her if she makes a mistake.

the one season 2 netflix renewal status and release date kate and rebecca

Kate is onto Rebecca – Copyright. Urban Myth Films

What will the truth be about The One?

Kate can’t prove Rebecca murdered Ben, but she is at the heart of one of the biggest scandals facing The One. If Rebecca doesn’t reveal to the world that siblings can match with the same person, and they themselves can match with both siblings, then Kate could use it as firepower towards her takedown of Rebecca…

the one season 2 netflix renewal status and release date rebecca

Rebecca, CEO of The One- Copyright. Urban Myth Films

What date is The One Season 2 Netflix Release Date?

It all depends on whether or not the series is renewed, but we can speculate if The One is renewed.

The first season was filmed between December 2019 to June 2020. It must be noted that production of the first season would have been impacted by the global pandemic, so filming for season 2 is unlikely to last half a year.

At the very least, we aren’t expecting to see The One return to Netflix in 2021, and we’ll likely be waiting until the second half of 2022 for season 2.

Do you want to watch The One again on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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