‘The Ranch’ Will End After Season 4 at Netflix

Review Ethan / 2022-12-10 08:12:25

That’s all she wrote folks. We now know that The Ranch will be ending after four seasons of Netflix, as per speculation and rumours over the last year.

After Ashton Kutcher, the lead actor in the Ranch's 4th season, tweeted the news that it would be closing down on June 4th.

Regardless of the show’s popularity amongst subscribers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the sitcom is ending soon. The Ranch has been cancelled by Netflix and is now just another Netflix show.

What is the reason for The Ranch being cancelled?

Netflix has yet to issue a statement regarding why The Ranch was cancelled at the time this article is being written. The only word we’ve received thus far is from Ashton Kutcher. As time goes on and we draw ever closer to the end of The Ranch we’d expect to hear some statements on the cancellation by an executive from Netflix or from the showrunners.

Is cancellation related to Danny Masterson's work?

Although the show has retained a lot of viewers, there have been many who call for Danny Masterson's (Rooster) return. Some viewers refused to view the series due to the controversy over Masterson's allegations.

We don’t support the idea that Netflix has cancelled The Ranch because of the influence of these allegations. It is possible that Netflix will cancel the show because of its expense.

Some fans have expressed though that the show hasn’t been the same without Masterson’s involvement.

Are Rising Prices a Problem?

The highest Ashton Kutcher earned per episode while he was with Two and a Half Men was $755,000 It’s unlikely Kutcher is on that level of money for The Ranch but the cost of the actor’s wage must be considerable. Naturally, viewers drop with each new Season/Part.

The series was cancelled due to rising production costs and declining viewership.

Do the actors work on any other projects?

The Ranch has had a small cast of actors who have been inactive outside of it.

The busiest of them all is Sam Elliot (Beau Bennett) who has provided his voice for Disney’s upcoming remake of Lady and the Tramp. Sam Elliot is also contributing his voice to The Gettysburg Address, a documentary due for release in late 2019.

Ashton Kutcher (Colt Bennett) will star in James Franco’s The Long Home which will potentially release this year. The Ranch's principal photography was completed in 2015.

Miranda July will be starring Debra Winger as Maggie Bennett in a new project. Meanwhile, Elisha Cuthbert (Abby) doesn’t have any projects lined up but this could be contributed to the birth of her son in December 2017.

What has the reaction been from subscribers to this news?

There are many fans who find the news quite annoying.

There are many fans who disapprove that The Ranch only has two parts left to tell the story, but Santa Clarita Diet got nothing.

Is The Ranch going to be back?

There have been many television series that were revived from the grave. Lucifer and Designated Survivor are two of the most obvious examples that Netflix has helped to revive.

Netflix may reconsider cancelling The Ranch if there's enough demand and support for the show. This is highly unlikely as Netflix doesn’t have a great track record of resurrecting their own cancelled Originals.

The Ranch would have to be taken over by another network if it was to survive. The cost is probably the most important issue that a network would have to face in order to acquire The Ranch. There will be 80 episodes by the end of Season 4. The fifth season would be funded by a new Network, but it would also need to deal with the archive of previous episodes.

Is Part 7 on Netflix when?

Ashton Kutcher's tweet shows that Part 7 is coming later in the year. Check out the ongoing preview for more information on The Ranch and its release dates.

Are you sad that The Ranch will be closing after four seasons? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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