The Royal Treatment Ending, explained: Do Thomas and Izzy End Up Together?

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One of the most romantic images is that their Prince Charming rides on top of a noble horse and sweeps them off their feet. The rom-com trope of Prince Charming is familiar to many. Although we might not like to admit it to a lot of people, some of us can picture what it would feel to be part of a ruling monarchy in our country. The Royal Treatment is a familiar tale that updates the narrative to suit a modern generation.

The sparks that fly between Izzy and the Lavanian Prince are not immediately apparent when Izzy is a New York-based hairdresser. The two discover some sides they never knew existed when she's hired as a wedding coordinator. They discover the truth of their feelings amid the beautiful fields and ruggedness of Uber de Gleise. However, Prince Thomas will be able sacrifice his duty to love. Here are the answers. SPOILERS Ahead

Synopsis of the Royal Treatment Plot

Izzy, a hairdresser, loves her work and hopes to one day travel around the world. To do this, Izzy works in her mother's salon. Prince Thomas is visiting New York and asks Walter his valet to arrange a haircut. Fate does have its plans and, instead of calling Belle (a large salon in the city), Walter gets in touch with Izzy. Izzy agrees to cut Thomas's hair at $500. Izzy flees after Thomas refuses to support a staff member at the hotel. Izzy visits Thomas at the salon in an effort to redeem himself for his bad behavior. This sparks a friendship.

Walter proposes to bring Izzy along with her crew when there's no hairdresser available for the royal marriage. This leads to them traveling to the Prince's hometown – Lavania. Thomas and Izzy spend more time together, and even Lauren, Thomas' fiancée, feels unready for marriage. Lauren's father, a wealthy man, is making a lot of money in the country. The King and Catherine aren't going to miss this chance. Will Thomas be able to step up as a Royal or will he choose the path that is closest to his heart?

Izzy and Thomas: What happens when the Royal Treatment ends?

Ruth LaMott leaks photos of Thomas and Izzy having fun with each other to press. Walter is told by the Lavanian monarchs to stop the damage and fire Izzy. Thomas' parents, though Lauren and Thomas are both hesitant to go ahead with their marriage, tell Thomas that Thomas is almost bankrupt and that Thomas needs the money of the LaMotts in order to save his monarchy. He puts aside his feelings to do right for his country.

Thomas, however, is getting ready for the big day when Walter tells Thomas of a man that his valet loved once: Richard. Walter remembers that Richard was a little boy who did amazing things. He had to let go of Richard. Walter realizes that despite all his worldly comforts, he felt like all was lost because he did not have someone to share the experience with. Thomas urges him to make the same mistake. Especially since Thomas has parents who are mature and will figure out a way of getting out of the mess they made.

Izzy tells her mother back in New York that she is no longer a hairdresser. Instead, she will be working as the director at the local community centre. Although her mother does not agree, Izzy understands. Izzy, who is now stepping out onto the balcony with Thomas, sees Izzy as a knight in shining armor and a horse. It's a similar scene to Thomas's father. His love for her is expressed in Italian by him. Her family and friends are delighted at their new pairing. Together, they ride to gelato.

The film ends with Izzy and Thomas together. Thomas' grand romantic gesture speaks volumes about his love for Izzy and, in an ironic manner, she also gains the courage to follow what her heart desires – which is to look after the local children via the community center – only after she loses the gig in Lavania. They are also clear that they do not compromise to make those around them happy. That is exactly what Thomas would have done if he and Lauren had been married.

By experiencing the rough patch but still not giving up on their dreams, Thomas and Izzy have taken agency for their own actions – something that Thomas even reiterates in the movie when he tells Izzy to \"be the change\" she wishes to see in the world. Thomas is aware that his future trajectory can be controlled by himself. There is a high chance that the Prince will move to New York permanently, and his love could run the centre for a while. It is possible that he could use his position and privilege to improve the lives of Izzy's family members, including her mother or the salon. It is enough for the moment that they have chosen one another.


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