‘The School Nurse Files’ Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed at Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-09-15 17:27:19

K-Drama lovers have been wondering for more than a year whether there is a second season to The School Nurse Files, a highly colorful and bizarre season of TV. With little to no news, and all of the source material covered, it’s safe to assume that The School Nurse Files has come to an end at Netflix.

Chung Serang created The School Nurse Files, a Netlfix Original fantasy series of k-drama k-dramas based on his book. The k-drama was directed by Lee Kyung Mi.

Netflix renews the status of The School Nurse's season 2 episode

End of Official Netflix Renewal Status (Last Updated 16/11/2021).

It’s been almost fourteen months since The School Nurse Files was released on Netflix, and in that time we’ve heard little to no news on the renewal of the series.

We’ve seen no official confirmation from Netflix, but it would be safe to assume that the series has already come to an end. The first season included all the source material.

An early indicator of its popularity suggests that The School Nurse Files only had a successful run in Asia. Outside of the eastern continent, the K-Drama hadn’t broken into any of the top ten lists.

the school nurse files popularity ranking

Is The School Nurse Files in need of a second season

This series was inspired by the novel School Nurse Ahn Eun Young, so there is not much source material.

The source material was almost completely covered in the first season's episode of The School Nurse Files. Chung Se Rang, the writer of the novel was also the series' screenwriter. Assuming a second happens it’s more than likely that Chung Se Rang would return to write the second season.

the school nurse files pbook chung serang

School Nurse Ahny Eunyoung written by Chung Serang

It is largely subjective whether The School Nurse Files should have a second season. There’s certainly room to expand upon the story, mainly with Eun-Young coming to terms with her powers, and exploring others who share her ability.

Eun-Young found out that her jelly-seeing powers were back at the end of the second season. Eun-Young was able to return to school and found that the children were much healthier. Radi asked Eun-Young for assistance with a problem while Eun-Young laughed about the possibility of leaving school. Radi’s mother sees ghosts, and at the mention that another person also shares the same power as Eun-Young, she smiles.

Eun-Young could be the focus of season two, which will explore ghosts and jellies outside the school. To learn that she isn’t the only person in the world that can see the jellies makes her feel less lonely in the world.

the school nurse files season 2

Jung Yu-Mi as Ahn Eun-Young in The School Nurse Files – Copyright. Netflix

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