The Sex Education Season 3 Cast Isn’t Gonna Be The Same!

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What made Asa Butterfield shameless? Why can Tanya Reynolds not even look at herself? And why is Emma Mackey not the same after her identity crisis?

Tanya Reynolds


Despite Tanya's character being an explicit geek of the show and embracing her sexuality, the actress is quite the opposite of her everyday life and even struggles with terrible stage fright.
Reynolds's role made by far one of the most sexually liberal and shameless characters in the series. However, in real life, the actress gets very anxious.

I am such a nervous being. It could be overwhelming. I would love to be more confident in front of the camera.

Now guess what scene she had to do on set first. Flash her boobs to Eric and ask him to have sex with her. Wow, what an ice breaker, huh. Unlike her co-stars, Tanya can not watch herself on screen. Let alone do the intimate scenes she's involved in. They are her worst nightmare. Even auditioning for lily made her freak out, thinking,

what if they sack me? What if I'm shit.

The actress recalls being turned down for a mission to a theatre school years ago but look at her now. She's breaking all the norms, including her childhood goal of a remake of Emma. 28-year-old Reynolds told Marie claire that she grew up with her character and is no longer looking for validation or recognition.

I'm maybe one of the most insecure, but I'm working on developing and not needing validation from other people.

For Tanya, the Netflix series was a way to start a dialogue on taboo topics and the awkwardness of sexual experiences.

The show is dealing with issues very responsibly. It's quite educational, but I am not advocating for nine-year-olds to watch the show, though.

Like her character, Lily, the actress has a lovely supporter who indulges her creativity and passion for screenwriting. His name is Freddy fox. last year, the two started as co-stars in the historical drama Fannie law delivered and seamlessly ended up quarantining together. We are still waiting for their mutual cute selfies on ins, though. Ah, Tanya, spill the beans already. We're dying for details.

Ncuti Gatwa


Eric, the colorful legend, has by far the best delivery and kills toxic masculinity flawlessly. The Scottish actor Ncuti did a remarkable job and did not use a gay character for queerbaiting and gay fishing. Did you know that the star stunned his co-stars with his frankness and put the whole production on edge? That's what happens when Gatwa is turning up his naughty dial. Asa Butterfield, aka Otis, was so distracted by Eric's hilarious belters that he ruined several takes laughing out loud.

Sometimes it's too much when shooty turns up, and I might lose track of where I am. It's always brilliant.

The audience of 40 million people made Gatwa realize the importance of representation on the screen. Still, it felt way too scary at the time of filming. The actor confessed in an interview that it was one of the most challenging experiences of his life.

It pushed me out of my comfort zone. There was one scene in which I wore a wig full of makeup and stilettos and thought, oh my god, my family, all my friends in Tottenham.

That moment made the star overcome his insecurities and forget about people's judgment. Portraying Eric's first two seasons made shooty enter the new year with pride and confidence about his image and identity. Following the show, the actor blossomed, and he now uses his position to display his roots proudly.
Gatwa visited his own country for the first time in 15 years and even collaborated with Rwandan brand movements to make a magnificent tuxedo for his virtual Bafta presentation.

I hadn't been back since the genocide de, so it was a special moment. It was important for Rwanda and to bring a great black designer to the fore.

However, you won't hear about the actor's love life.
We can only surmise if he is still dating Jessica Hardwick after their last joint Instagram post in 2018. The actor has been keeping things quiet for a while. we'll keep peeping shooty

Patricia Allison


I mean, the whole cast is iconic, but Ola stole our hearts, and because of that, the actress transitioned to the main character in season two. Patricia has a unique sense of fashion self-awareness and always stays true to herself. Ola's rebellious, brutally straightforward personality and honesty of her experience were why the actress wanted to join the cast severely.

I love that we never see a truly successful sex scene. That's impressive about the show and part of the success of it.

Trish genuinely enjoys playing an oddball, knows the value of female friendship, and shows people how to unlearn and relearn about sex, and that knowledge did not come the easy way. The actors had to watch videos of animals having sex and then try imitating them. Let that sink in for a sec Alison now feels like acting at a sex scene is no longer awkward or uncomfortable for her.

The intimate stuff feels like a dance now. With our intimacy coordinator, it's almost worked out like choreography.

But there was one scene that made her break her character.

In the scene, we have a box of penises that I find hilarious. The whole conversation severely talking about genitalia always makes me laugh.

unlike her co-stars, the sex-ed star doesn't have a plan for her future ventures, but one thing the show has made her realize is that

I'm a huge feminist, so if anything has to do with being black and a woman, I'm there.

Patricia spilled the truth in Netflix's best friend's game, saying she cannot take her eyes off watching her celebrity crush, Tanya Reynolds. The two have the best chemistry with the most vital friendship off-screen, but Trish's real-life crush is actor and writer Philip Walsh. The two have been together since 2017 and this January. Philip announced the release of the latest sex education season, referring to his girlfriend as queen. Oh, is that boy a catch?

Emma Mackey


How many similarities between Maeve and Emma can you draw? Slight hint hell a lot. Like high school batty Maeve, nothing is holding back Emma when the girl has something to say. The 24-year-old actress told independently that the sex-ed series had awakened a vocal feminist in her. The star has a platform with millions of fans and is determined to do justice to her international fame.

sex education set the bar ridiculously high for anything I do a hyperaware hyper-aware of representation in anything I do now,

Mackey says. Girl, we can tell check out her current rules. Emma landed a part in the Agatha christie adaption death on the Nile, starring alongside Gatwa and army hammer, and that's what I call never settle for less. Returning to the show for season three must be different, especially after filming the french spoken film Eiffel.

Did you know that the actress was born and spent most of her life in France? even though she is half British, Emma went through a real identity crisis when she decided to move to the UK in 2013. the actress admitted questioning where she belonged when she got back to France.

When I was in France, I felt overwhelmingly British, and I felt like I needed to catch up on lost time. When I eventually moved to England, I felt this is my world.

Filming Eiffel filled that gap. It made Mackey feel more balanced with her heritage and identity. But what adds to the cultural confusion is that people assume how sexually liberated French people are. Mackey was quick to clap back Maeve style. \

let me break this taboo right now. All these sexy people are smoking cigarettes and being naked in films. That's not actually what french people are like,

You tell him. ted talks on cultural awareness and her boo after dan Whitlam is the only two things that stay constant in her life. So what if Emma is not gushing all over social media about her boyfriend just like me. Mackey keeps her love life to herself except for those rare finds on hers and her boyfriend's Instagram.

Asa Butterfield


After 16 years of acting, you would think that there can't be a single scene or character the actor wouldn't nail, and the truth is Asa is not that picky when it comes to selecting roles, as we found out. In an interview, the actor admitted that he just skimmed the script before playing Otis. He had no idea how funny and open the coming-of-age series was, and boy was that an issue.
Asa's co-stars had already done their share of revealing sexual things in the show. So when the season two script was released, Butterfield thought,

Well, guys, my turn. watch this

The actor had to put his pride away when signing up for sex education, and that experience was life-changing. The show turned shy and reserved Asa's life upside down. It helped the actor reevaluate his role and finally embrace his sexuality, awkwardness, and frankness of sex.

I think it did a great job of normalizing young people's fears and quirks and hang-ups around sex. I feel more confident talking about sex.

While in the series, Otis is struggling with a hard choice between two ladies. Asa's real-life company consists of two cats. 23-year-old Butterfield is way past drama showbiz and frankly hates the fame acting has brought him.

It wasn't my whole world. It's a tight industry. It might mean people being a little bit in awe or even reviewing you, and I hate that feeling, hate it.

Should we expect Asa's dramatic exit from the stage then? maybe not so soon. in quarantine, the sex-ed star found his new vocation and reinvented himself as a screenwriter

I'm working on one tv show that I'm trying to get off the ground. I'm figuring out how you get a tv show made,

Asa told Deadline. So what are the chances he is writing for Netflix now?

Keadar Williams-Stirling


The actor has already had plenty of rules on British television before sex education, but this one stood out for Keadar. The 25-year-old actor loved his character and the script's message because it didn't glamorize sexual experiences and was more about showing vulnerability. It made the star feel genuinely proud to be acting in a show that accurately raises awareness on sex education. Stirling expressed his confusion with modern society saying,

sex is so taboo to talk about. That's crazy. Everybody does it. The reason why we are here is because of it.

Unfortunately, work is the only thing that Keadar is vocal about. the actor lets no one assume about his offset love life. The star is utterly secretive about whether there is a special someone in his life—that mysterious bastard.
What we know for sure is that the actor is giving out free hugs to his fans now. Stirling told the name that Jackson's story had an incredible impact on his audience.

After my anxiety storyline, I get people coming up to me in the street. One guy was like, mate, I appreciate what you went through as Jackson. And I just hugged the guy!

Ah, did your heart melt too?

Connor Swindells & Aimee Lou Wood


Now let's talk about the sweethearts of the show who became an item after the first season. The couple that screams it may not have worked out on screen, but we made it a thing in real life, too.
Spending all their time together at home and then at work, we assume the two are inseparable. They are undoubtedly an absolute match. And unlike adam, whom Connor is portraying in the series, the actor has no shame posting lovey-dovey pictures with his significant other, saying,

There is no confusion between our sex scenes and our personal life.

Can you believe that this union was close to never happening? In an interview with Elle, Aimee revealed that she went through a lot in her past and had no faith in landing a role.

I wasn't going to get cast as the popular girl because I'm not conventional-looking.

It may come as a surprise, but Wood was bullied at school for her looks for years and had to use the help of therapists to overcome a severe eating disorder. But that painful experience did not break the actress. Quite the opposite actually, it made her successful. Aimee texted her bully, thanking him for her thick skin to prepare for the acting world, and that's what I call a role model like no other.
Wood was happy to share that everything is different now. Thanks to suitable coping mechanisms and support from her caring boyfriend, who is always by her side. It seems like that role made a world of difference. Ah, nobody could come up with a better love story.

Now comment below on what you expect from season three of sex education and which character development are you most excited to see!


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