‘The Sinner’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix on August 1st

Review Ethan / 2022-11-27 14:47:40

USA Network’s The Sinner is coming to Netflix in August 2019 in the United States after a long wait after its season finale. Here’s what you can expect from the next season and we’ll also touch on other regions who may or may not have already.

Let’s get the good news out of the way first. Netflix US will begin streaming The Sinner Season 2 August 1, 2019. That’s a Thursday in case you’re thinking of taking the day off.

The first season of The Sinner first aired on USA Network back in 2017 and it wasn’t until August 2018 until Netflix added it in the US.

Season 2: What can you expect from The Sinner?

The crime thrillers second season sees a detective return home to investigate the killing of a young boy’s parents and the motives that went behind it.

Dohn Norwood and Bill Pullman return to the show for the second season. Carrie Coon and Natalie Paul play new characters. Elisha Henig plays Elisha Gross.


USA Network tends to not allow Netflix access to its content in most instances, but The Sinner is a major purchase that Netflix has and which it distributes around the globe.

The Sinner is available on Netflix in most countries as an original Netflix series. It receives new seasons in the UK, for instance, approximately a month to two months after its series ends.

What is the date for season 3?

In May, we reported that the series would continue to be available on Netflix as long as USA Network continues producing new episodes. Season 3 has yet to be released, which may impact its Netflix release.

Do you look forward to The Sinner being available on Netflix August 2019, or are you already? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.


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