‘The Sound of Magic’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and What We Know So Far

Review Ethan / 2023-02-01 03:36:14

The Sound of Magic's first season was a success. The second season of the whimsical K-dramas exceeded all expectations. Will Netflix renew the series for another season? Although fans hope it will happen, a shortage of additional source material could prevent the series from being renewed. Here’s everything we know so far about The Sound of Magic season 2 on Netflix.

The Sound of Magic, a South Korean Netflix Original Musical Fantasy Series, is written and directed by Kim Min Jeong. It's based on Annarasumanara, a webtoon by Ha Il-Kwon.

Yoon Ah Yi, who was abandoned by her parents because of debt, supports her family and younger sister. Yoon Ah Yi, despite being busy with both her studies and part-time work, is still a top student at the school. Yoon Ha Yi wants to be able to have stable employment. Her life will change forever when Ri Eul reveals this dream.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Status of official Netflix renewal: Pending

At the time of writing The Sound of Magic has been streaming on Netflix for a little under a week, which means at the earliest we’ll be waiting several weeks to learn if the K-Drama will be renewed.

This is because Netflix can take several weeks before it gathers all the necessary viewership data. The number of subscribers who watched all episodes and how many stopped watching after a few episodes are often the factors that determine renewal.

Although we expected a better start to The Sound of Magic's first week of availability, nearly ten million viewers still enjoyed the show. The show is now on the Netflix top ten global list.

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Already, The Sound of Magic is in the top ten of 42 countries and reached the number one position for many countries, including the UAE, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia. The Sound of Magic will likely reach number one in South Korea, where it already reached number two.

The Sound of Magic will likely see an increase in viewership over the coming weeks. Netflix has enough million viewing hours to decide whether to renew it for another season.

Is The Sound of Magic in need of a second season.

The big question when it comes to a second season of Sound of Magic is whether the story really needs another season. The reason is that most of the stories seen in season 1 are finished by episode 6.

There’s also the issue with the source material as the webtoon only lasted seven chapters, eight if you include the prologue. The writers will need to cover more of the source material in order to create a second season.

We could have some of these storylines in season 2, if the writers would be willing to extend the story beyond the first season.

  • Ri Eul, the magician. Ri Eul disappeared and was never found again after Ah-Yi had used magic to make him disappear. Will Ah-Yi continue to investigate magic and will Ri Eul be able to share more of his secrets with her?
  • Will Ri Eul’s name ever be cleared? Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, will a second season see Ri Eul’s name fully cleared for good.
  • With Ah-Yi’s father making good on his promise to find a job to clear his debts, will it give Ah-Yi the freedom to pursue a new career as a magician?
  • Abandoned by her mother, Ah-Yi has pined for her mother, leaving her messages and letters in the vain hope she’ll one day return. Ah-Yi is making a living and her mother's return could prove to be more destructive than anything.
  • Ah-Yi is interested in a budding relationship with Na Il. We’d expect this relationship to be explored even further in season 2, especially with Na Il dropping out of college as he tries to take control of his life away from his parents.

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