‘The West Wing’ likely leaving Netflix US in 2020 for HBO Max

Review Ethan / 2022-11-01 10:02:26

The West Wing could be leaving Netflix soon to join the new HBO Max service. It was among the large lineup of HBO Max series due to release in 2020. The West Wing could be pulled from Netflix at any time. Let’s take a look.

The West Wing is one of the darling shows of the Warner Brothers’ 90s lineup. It joins the likes of Friends and a handful of other shows Warner Media hopes you’ll sign up for its new service when it releases in May 2020.

The series itself has been streaming on Netflix for quite some time now with the series last being renewed back in December 2015 but it’s worth noting it was scheduled to leave at the time. Although no details were provided, we now believe that the show’s streaming rights were renewed for five years.

The West Wing, which was revealed as part of the unveiling for HBO Max in October 2019, will be joining the service. It’s worth noting that it’s not due for release on the service from day 1, however.

Instead, we’re led to believe with its “winter 2020” release date, that the series will be streaming on HBO Max in December 2020. Netflix’s deal with the show seems to renew on Christmas Day (December 25th) and that’s when we’re currently predicting that The West Wing will leave Netflix.

Netflix does most of its titles with third-party suppliers on an annual basis. However, it appears that most of the contracts with Warner Brothers last substantially longer, according to The CW Library.

Netflix will be losing The West Wing? It's unlikely. Netflix is likely to be losing a lot of movies and shows over the long-term.

Netflix has invested in quite a few political thrillers over the past few years with Madam Secretary from CBS still getting regular-season updates, House of Cards being complete (albeit with a rough end) and it recently acquired and released a new season for Designated Survivor (although it’s not returning).

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the future of West Wing on Netflix and let you know if anything changes.


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