Thirteen Episodes of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ ordered by Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-05-03 21:33:25

Adding to the ever increasing list of Netflix Originals for children Netflix released the news yesterday that we’d be getting a brand new series based on Dr Suess’s earliest work, Green Eggs and Ham. What’s different about this release is that it will become the most expensive cartoon ever made that’ll stream across all of the Netflix regions.

Big names come with a large budget. Ellen DeGeneres serves as executive producer for the production but other big hitters such as Jarad Stern who’s work on the Lego series will hopefully adapt book to television blissfully.

Like most announcements by Netflix regarding upcoming shows, the wait is always frustrating. 2018 is the expect launch window for the new show which promises to have ‘cutting-edge animation’ and of course the rhymes which makes Dr Suess a world renowned author. This is what Netflix's VP for communications said:

“We think this will be a hit Green Eggs and Ham is a perfect fit for our growing slate of amazing stories available exclusively in all Netflix territories. It can be streamed on your phone. It can be streamed on your computer. It can be streamed on your TV. You can stream it globally.”


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