‘Top Boy’ Season 2: Coming to Netflix in March 2022 & What Else We Know So Far

Review Ethan / 2023-03-07 02:40:32

Top Boy fans waited for years, but they are now eagerly awaiting season 2! Top Boy season 2 will be available on Netflix starting March 2022.

Ronan Bennett created Top Boy, a Netflix Original Crime-Drama Series. It was previously a huge success on Channel 4, a British TV network. Many people believed that Top Boy wouldn't return to television after the cancellation.

It’s thanks to Drake that the series has been revived, the Canadian rapper was a huge fan of the series and had even offered to fund the entire production of season 3. The series was eventually picked up by Netflix with Drake remaining as executive producer. Ashley Walters reprised his role of Dushane and Ronan Bennett, the creator, returned to pen the new season.

Top Boy Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Renew (Last Updated 26/02/2020).

It was revealed that Top Boy's revival had already been scheduled before it arrived on Netflix.

Despite arriving in September 2019, it took Netflix longer than expected to “renew” Top Boy for a second season.

Is Top Boy Season 2 in production?

Official Production Status: Post-Production/Complete (Last Updated: 02/03/2022)

Top Boy Season 2 was to have been released in spring 2020. However, production was halted for the majority of the year due to the pandemic.

The filming of season 2 didn’t begin until Decemeber 2020. The filming was partially done in Romford in East London.

What time is Top Boy Season 2 due to arrive on Netflix?

We now have the trailer for Top Boy Season 2 on Netflix. It will be available Friday, March 18, 2022.

What number of episodes are we able to expect in the next season's second?

We already have confirmation that the first episode in the next season is named “Killing No Murder”. However, it’s still remains unclear how many episodes season 2 will return with.

What cast members are returning?

Top Boy's top stars will return to Top Boy, which will please fans. Multiple social media platforms from Netflix have confirmed this.

Many eyes will be focused on Michael Ward's portrayal of Jamie, thanks to his Bafta Rising Star award. Ward had a great year in 2019. He starred in Top Boy and was recognized for his acting skills in Blue Story.

Blue Story became controversial due to 100-strong brawls in Birmingham. One of them was holding a machete. This British-inspired crime drama will be appearing in American theatres later in March.

Do you look forward to Top Boy Season 2? Comment below to let us know your excitement for Top Boy season 2!


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