‘Total Drama’ Set to Leave Netflix in February 2021, Again

Review Ethan / 2022-07-29 23:41:01

The global rights to Cartoon Network’s Total Drama are once again coming up for renewal on Netflix after having a removal scare back in November 2020. Total Drama's entire series will be removed from Netflix on February 1, 2021.

Cartoon Network aired the popular Canadian reality series. It is a cartoon version of reality television series and was widely acclaimed as one of the most important series CN ever screened. The series is produced by Jennifer Pertsch, Tom McGillis and Tom McGillis.

The series is available in streaming form from 2014 but Netflix only has five of the seasons, at the most, since 2018.

The series is not owned by Netflix, however, it’s owned by an independent company, Cake Entertainment who also owns and distributes the Angry Birds TV series (some are on Netflix), Thumb Wrestling Federation and Eliot Kid. Bottersnikes & Gumbles is a Netflix Original commissioned show.

Original plans were for all five seasons to end on Netflix's November 1, 2020. This was when the rights would be up for renewal. The date for its removal was changed in our initial report, which we published in October 2020. A Netflix customer service rep later confirmed that it’s no longer leaving.

The show will be removed from the globe on February 1, 2021, along with the Power Rangers Library, another staple collection for kids.

After Total Drama leaves Netflix, where will it stream?

That’s still not yet decided at least from our research.

Although the series might make more sense to go to HBO Max, it would be a good choice to show the series alongside the other Cartoon Network shows. However, the final decision will fall to Cake Entertainment. They are likely to bid to the highest bidder.

We reached out to Cake Entertainment for a statement that wasn’t able to comment.

It’s worth noting that Netflix recently picked up another Cartoon Network show (again, not distributed by Warner but still originally aired there) with new seasons of Johnny Test due out on Netflix exclusively in 2021.

If all five episodes of Total Drama are removed from Netflix worldwide in February, will you still miss it? Comment below.


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