Netflix’s True Story Ending, Explained

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Although some may only want to bring you down, others are willing to risk their lives for you. Although it's better to know the people before they do, humans can make mistakes. Eric Newman created and Hanelle Culpepper directed 'True Story,' a series of crime thrillers that creates tension.

Noir-tinted story follows Kid (Kevin Hart plays the role). Kid returns to Philadelphia for a performance. He reassembles with his obnoxious brother Carlton, Wesley Snipes from the 'Blade' trilogies fame and put together a great act. Things quickly spiral out of control. Kid now has two corpses on his mind in a matter days. This is an extremely difficult finale. If you are having trouble following it, we can help. SPOILERS BEFORE.

True Story Recap

Although Kid is going through a tough divorce, he is killing it in business. His movie, "Anti-verse", is a super hero film that's making quite a bit of money. After stopping at Ellen Degeneres, he flew straight to Philadelphia where he will present his stand-up comedy act to an eager audience. Kid and his crew — Todd, Herschel, and Billie — stay at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philly. Kid wins the presidential suite. But, another man has already entered the room with an inflated sex doll. After much confusion, it is revealed that Kid's older brother, Carlton, is present in the room.

Carlton is unhappy with the state of his restaurant, so he needs to borrow money from his brother. Kid has witnessed Carlton's many failed attempts and knows what to do. Kid suggests that Carlton abandon the restaurant. However, Carlton insists that he is able to make a return, due to his irrevocable liquor license. He performs a stand-up show and Carlton gets together some friends for an after-show bash. Kid can still drink under pressure, even though he has been sober for more than six months. Kid becomes more comfortable when he is with Daphne (a girl by the name of Daphne), and his night vision blurs.

Late at night, Carlton wakes Kid and informs him that Daphne was dead. Kid wants to dial an ambulance. Carlton refuses to let him call an ambulance and instead they call Ari the Greek gangster. Ari, with his twisted senses of humor, asks the group to order room service. Carlton is directed to the Cuthbert Street dumpster. Kid is soon asleep and the body vanishes by the moment he awakens. Ari realizes Kid is a star and requests 500,• per month, or 6 million dollars, for his job.

Kid tells Terry that he will set Carlton up, but he later changes his mind. Ari is called back by Terry to his suite, and after figuring out how to remove the body from the hotel he suffocates Ari. Carlton appears nervous and arrives soon after. While Kid is mad at everyone, Kid spends the day trying to solve the problem. Kid lashed out at Gene the stan and was eager to criticize Billie over her horrible jokes. Carlton is unable to get the body onto the tray, due to its volume. A nervous Kid abandons his plans but manages at least to transport his suitcase into his hotel room.

But he's having a session with the photographer crew in his bathroom, so they arrive to his room first. Carlton is able to transfer the body to the bath tub and the photographer crew rushes to remove the corpse. Carlton's car is too small to fit into the case. Kid will need his Sprinter. Herschel is the one who asks for his keys. Herschel also wants to be part of the action. Herschel refuses to accept this offer and is dissuaded. The brothers dump Herschel's body in front of their friends, after having a pleasant encounter with the police. Kid agrees to play basketball afterward with two children from the block, giving police an alibi. Carlton retains Ari's phone, watch and wallet.

Kid finds out that Carlton owes Ari six hundred thousand dollar (the exact sum Ari is demanding). Kid records a video to assure the Greeks of their rightful money, even though he's agitated. Carlton shows the video to Ari and his brothers. The day passes without incident until Kid learns of Gene's act of dumping the body. Gene takes the role of Kid's right-handman and becomes "Behind The Scenes Gene". Carlton plans on making Gene look like Ari the murderer when Ari's body comes out of the dumpster. Karma is a concept that you all know.

True Story Ending: Is Daphne Dead or Alive?

Daphne's presumed death sets the thriller in motion. Gene's death was a result of Gene being set up by Carlton. The Greek gangsters killed Gene. Gene's sudden death has left the brothers seemingly to cover all of the bases. It is impossible to trace their roots back to Ari's passing. Kid gets a surprise as he visits Carlton's out-of-order restaurant. Despite Kid’s reservations, Kid and Carlton get together drunk to the point that they help one another find Carlton's house. The phone of Carlton falls on the ground as Kid places him to bed.

Kid spots Simone sending Carlton a text message. When Carlton unlocks the phone with his face, he's in for a surprise. The girl appears to be dead, and Simone turns out to be Daphne. She asks Carlton to pay her share. Kid realizes Simone, Carlton and Ari teamed together to get the money. Kid, a cop friend of Julian's, can find Simone's residence with his help. He tracks her down to get his confession.

Kid would like to believe Ari was the one behind this scam but Carlton is the real orchestrator. Kid, frustrated with this information, wreaks havoc in his hotel suite. Kid tells Carlton about a bad business deal that angered him when he comes to his hotel. Kid books box tickets to Sixers games for him and Carlton. Kid hopes to confront Carlton regarding the betrayal. Ari's ruthless brothers are not satisfied by the loss of Gene and ask Carlton where he found the information. Carlton is not able to answer because he was the one who placed Ari's watch upon Gene.

Ari's brother and his sister have an inkling that there is something wrong. They start searching Gene's Instagram to find clues. They find the clip in which Kid names Gene as part the circle, and are able to identify Carlton. Ari's brother's discover that Gene is part of the circle and stop at Carlton. Carlton has joined Kid at the table. Simone wants to warn Carlton, but Simone is also there. Ari's erratic brother Savvas concludes quickly that Simone, Carlton’s girlfriend is a conclusion. He is even quicker to trigger the gun. We can safely assume Simone, or Daphne is dead as the camera pans in order to keep the viewers from being obscured by the scene.

Is Kid Arrested? What Happens to Carlton?

After taking care of Simone, Ari's brothers reach the venue of the game. Kid has had a heated chat with Carlton and is now on the way out. Carlton notices the goons in Kid's conversation and urges him to join them. As usual, he tries to drag Kid into the mud. But Kid manages to escape unscathed. Herschel loses his arm, and he falls behind. Savvas and Nikos confront Carlton and Kid and, finally, Carlton accepts his mistakes. Carlton begs the Greeks not to let Kid into it. They don't appear to care about Carlton's plea.

However, Kid comes to the rescue by two headshots – Savvas and Nikos die on the spot. Carlton is convinced they are safe, but he will be the first to get a bullet. Kid killed him, because Carlton can't use him forever. Kid then stages the crime scene to make it appear that Carlton had died before Kid attacked the goons trying to defend his brother. Kid is overcome with grief for his deceased brother when the police finally arrive at the crime scene. The act seems to have been a joke.

Herschel then reveals to the rest of us that he has a plan. Herschel picked up on the conversation between Kid and Carlton while he was arguing. After questioning Kid, Herschel and Todd discover that he has admitted to all the crimes. Herschel demands six million dollars. This is exactly what Carlton wanted. Herschel makes Kid accept his demands. Todd then asks Todd for the money. This is because he wants to make a deal with his family and allow them to continue the story. Kid manages to save himself from the fury of the rest.


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