‘Twelve Forever’: July 2019 Netflix Release Date, Trailer & Cast

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Twelve Forever is now available on Netflix. This animated cartoon series from Cartoon Network has been made a Netflix Original by Netflix in 2017. Coming at the end of July 2019, here’s everything we know about Twelve Forever season 1.

This show is part of a growing library of animated kids shows that are exclusively available on Netflix. We currently count 62 titles.

What’s Twelve Forever on Netflix about?

Here’s the official synopsis of the show:

Reggie’s wild imagination unlocks a weird and wonderful world where she can be herself – and escape the pressures of growing up.

Julia Vickerman, creator of Twelve Forever, first revealed that Netflix had acquired the show in December 2017.

Vickerman was a part of huge Cartoon Network shows like Clarence, The Powerpuff Girls and Yo Gabba Gabba Gabba.

Original pilot episode of the show, it was first shopped on Cartoon Network in May 2015. Cartoon Network failed, and Netflix saved the day.

Other producers include Stan Spry and Shadi Petosky. Jarond Gibbs is also involved as are artists like Paul Hornschemeier.

Julia, shortly before Twelve Below was released, returned to social media. She tweeted the following on the 12th of July when Twelve Below's release date was announced.

Hey guys, All episodes of TWELVE FOREVER season 1 premiere JULY 29th on Netflix!! So many remarkable people worked SO hard on this show and it has years of love woven into it. We’re excited for you to see it!!!

Some crew members who were part of the production have begun to promote it.


Do you have a trailer of Twelve Forever available on Netflix?

Netflix Kids and Family released the first trailer, which was often overlooked. This trailer gives you an early glimpse of what to expect.

Is there a second season of Twelve Forever?

It’s way too early to tell how the future of the show will pan out. We’ve seen some rumors that the main studio behind the show has been shuttered but that it could still continue regardless.

Do you look forward to Twelve Forever being available on Netflix? Comment below.


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