‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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Vikings: Valhalla, the long-anticipated sequel to MGM’s Vikings, recently dropped on Netflix. The second season of Vikings: Valhalla has been confirmed for release in 2023. This will please fans. Here’s everything we know so far about Vikings: Valhalla season 2 on Netflix.

Vikings: Valhalla, a Netflix Original Historical Drama created by Michael Hirst is a spinoff of Vikings on History Channel. MGM Productions produces the series, just like its predecessor that aired for six seasons.

One hundred years ago, the Great Viking Army set sail for England. It was commanded by Ragnar Lothbrok's sons. They sought to vengeance for their father's death.

We’re going to go deep into what we know about season 2 below so if you’re just looking for the highlights, here they are:

  • Season 2 of the show will air in 2023. No specific date has been set.
  • It will return for its third season.
  • Season 3 production is expected to begin in spring (specifically, May 2022).
  • Jeb Stuart is still the showrunner in seasons 2 and 3.
  • Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson and Leo Suter (Harald Sigurdsson), have been confirmed as returning.

Is Vikings: Valhalla renewed for another season?

Vikings Valhalla was renewed not only for another season, but also for the third.

This is due to the large upfront order that the show received at its first announcement. Total 24 episodes were ordered.

Netflix also acquired the licensing rights to the original Vikings series as part of this deal with Netflix UK and Netflix US still set to receive seasons 1-6 in a couple of years’ time.

Netflix has officially confirmed that Vikings: Valhalla will be returning for 2 more seasons in March 2022.

Taking into consideration how popular the show’s predecessor, Vikings, was, Netflix is wildly confident that Vikings: Valhalla will be a huge hit for them.

What was the performance of Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix?

Thanks to Netflix Top 10 data we’ve got a pretty good insight into how well the show is performing. It was the most watched show on Netflix in its initial two days, with 80.56M hours of viewing.

Between February 25th and April 3rd, 2022 (the show’s first 37 days available) the show has amassed 265,550,000 hours watched on Netflix.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
February 20th, 2022 to February 27th, 2022 80,560,000 2 1
February 27th, 2022 to March 6th, 2022 113,380,000 (+41%) 1 2
March 6th, 2022 to March 13th, 2022 41,760,000 (-63%) 4 3
March 13th, 2022 to March 20th, 2022 19,800,000 (-53%) 8 4
March 27th, 2022 to April 3rd, 2022 10,050,000 (-49%) 9 5

Comparing these hourly data is difficult, but it's clear that Vikings: Valhalla did well (at least for the first two weeks), compared with The Last Kingdom released in early 2022.

Nielsen data for Vikings Season 1: Valhalla

Every week, Nielsen publishes top 10s that give insight into the performance of the show in America. These are usually a month ahead.

In the second week, Vikings Valhalla only was available for two days.

Week Rank That Week (Original Titles) Minutes (Millions)
02/21-02/27 8 796
02/28-03/06 2 1079

RottenTomatoes scored the show at 89%, which is considered Certified Fresh. However, audience ratings are lower. As of April 20, 2022, 54% had been scored by RottenTomatoes. IMDb gives the show a far more positive rating of 7.2, with episode 8 scoring 8.1.

This is the consensus:

“Reveling in the glory of straightforward adventure storytelling, Valhalla is a bloody good dramatization of Leif Eriksson’s conquests.”

How is Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 producing?

Official Production Status: After-Production. (Last Updated 01/03/2022).

Subscribers will rejoice to hear that filming is complete on Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla. In November 2021, we reported that filming had already wrapped on the second season of Vikings: Valhalla.

Jeb Stuart confirmed that around the time of season 1 releasing that he was “finishing the editing of the last episode of season two”. This suggests that the series will be finished for approximately a year before it drops.

Season 3 is also in production. As part of Netflix’s confirmation of the second and third season, they stated that production would begin in Spring 2022. We’ve learned that they’re gearing up throughout April with the view to begin filming in May 2022.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Jeb Stuart told them that season 3 is “very exciting” and “my Vikings get out of Scandinavia, so we have lots of great surprises.”

What date is Vikings: Valhalla season two due to be released?

At the time of publishing, Netflix hasn’t announced an exact release date for Vikings: Valhalla season 2 beyond a general 2023 release date. We can however make an educated guess as to when the second season will arrive.

The second season is expected to be available on Netflix between January 2023 and March 2023, with production wrapping up in November 2021.

The second season of Vikings will bring you Valhalla.

Just like the show’s predecessor, Vikings: Valhalla takes many creative liberties by trading historical accuracy for action and drama. We can still expect season 2 to feature many of the significant events from this time period.

Leif, the Lucky Red?

The Greenlander’s journey to the east has brought much pain and sorrow upon Leif and his sister, Freydis. Their comrades who set sail to Denmark with them eventually lost their lives. Lif, Lif's lover and fellow soldier who died in the Kattegat invasion, was Leif's greatest loss.

Lif, Erik's mother, was Leif's only support and he could not become like Erik the Red. Leif snapped after her death. He wore a pair dual axes and no armor to take down entire Viking army without breaking a sweat. Leif's war cry indicated that, like his father, Leif embraces his bloodthirsty Berserker nature.

Fate can be cruel and Leif may end up being banished from Viking World. This would make it difficult for him to follow his father's footsteps and force the famous explorer, Leif, westwards to establish Vinland, America's first European settlement.

vikings valhalla season 2 leif eriksson berserker

Pictured: Sam Corlett as Leif Erikson

Harold is the future King Of Norway

The early appearance Harald Sigurdson (more famously called Harold Hardrada) is one of the greatest creative liberties Vikings: Valhalla took with history.

Harold’s exploits in the Viking world are legendary, but none of them took place during the events of Viking: Valhalla as the future King of Norway was but a baby, born to Asta and Sigurd in Ringerike, Norway, in 1015, one year after the destruction of London Bridge.

The Harald depicted in Valhalla has the open support of King Cnut but with the fate of his half-brother Olaf currently unknown, not to mention fleeing Kattegat with Freydis, Harald’s journey to becoming king still remains distant.

Leo Suter, speaking to The Wrap said:

“Harald’s been screwed over. Massively screwed over and what’s more, it’s not just him who’s been screwed over but it’s his loved ones who’ve been screwed over. So that relationship is, as you say, very damaged. And it’s going to take a lot for it to heal. But yeah, there’s certainly been some serious wrongs that have befallen him. So let’s see in Season 2 what happens with that.

vikings valhalla season 2 harald hardrada

Pictured: Leo Suter as Harold Hardrada

King Cnut and the North Sea Empire

Aided by his ambitious wife Emma of Normandy, and his father Sweyn Forkbeard, King Cnut’s vision of a Great Northern Empire is firmly within reach.

Queen Emma’s tactful ploy against Queen Ælfgifu gave Sweyn enough time to find his son’s fleet and set sail to Kattegat. With Ælfgifu now out of the picture, England is firmly under Cnut’s rule.

Cnut was already fighting a war in Denmark but lacked his fleet thanks to Ælfgifu. With his father, Sweyn now aiding the defense of Kattegat, it won’t be long before the Danes fall under the Norse king’s rule.

Cnut will be the King of Denmark once his dream to form a North Sea Empire is realized.

But, like all great empires and kingdoms, when its ruler dies, and land is there to be divided, expect to see many ambitious individuals make a move on all three of Cnut’s kingdoms.

vikings valhalla season 2 king cnut

Pictured: Bradley Freegard as King Canute

Freydis is the Last?

The decline of worshipping the ancient gods is due to the fall of Upsala, and the rise in Christianity among the Viking people. Freydis, Greenlanders and other old-world worshippers are still alive. But Leif is now interested in Christianity to help explain his miraculous survival.

It’s still unclear what is meant by “the Last,” and what it means for Freydis. Freydis could be considered the last one capable of spreading Old Ways worship. Her destiny might lie in being a high priestess, or seer.

vikings valhalla season 2 freydis

Pictured: Frida Gustavsson as Freydis (left) and Caroline Henderson as Jarl Haakon (right)

How many episodes is season 2?

Each season of Vikings Valhalla will have eight episodes.

There will be 24 episodes total of Vikings Valhalla, spread over 3 seasons.

Do you look forward to Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 being released on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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