What Happened to ‘The Killing’ on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-17 13:56:47

The Killing has been removed from Netflix, as you may have seen it recently. With no word from Netflix about the status of the show, the series appears to have vanished without a trace. It begs the obvious question: Where is The Killing?

The Killing, a drama about detectives and crime that first aired on AMC, is still available for streaming. AMC cancelled the series after two seasons. However, FOX and Netflix negotiated a new season. Once again AMC decided to cancel the series in September of 2013. In November 2013, AMC announced the cancellation of the series. Netflix ordered six more episodes for the finale.

The Killing disappeared mysteriously from Netflix after more than four years.

Which party owns The Killing's distribution rights?

It isn’t very clear as to who actually owns the rights to stream The Killing. Netflix may have had only a temporary agreement for exclusive streaming rights. It may be that AMC distributed the show for three seasons, but it has not been confirmed.

FOX was the only studio that wasn't AMC or Netflix involved. FOX TV Studios may have the exclusive right to stream The Killing, as they were involved in production. It would be understandable why The Killing was pulled from the library, as they had removed a large amount of FOX content after their contract with Netflix expired in 2017.

But isn’t The Killing a Netflix Original?

Both yes and no. Yes and no. Only the last season is considered a Netflix Original if it was not a continuation. This is best illustrated by canceled series like Designated Survivor or Lucifer. Both shows were canceled but Netflix picked them back up and will continue to produce the shows for the foreseeable future.

Netflix: Will The Killing Return?

We don’t have any news or information from Netflix to suggest The Killing is returning. It is not being disclosed if there are any legal disputes regarding who is currently the owner of distribution rights.

The show is currently not available on streaming platforms in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

All 4 seasons are only available on Netflix in Australia and New Zealand. Japan has streaming The Killing, but it is only the latest season Netflix ordered.

Is this a precedent that other Netflix shows will follow?

This could very well be the first or last Netflix Original to be removed from its content library. This has huge implications as Netflix has not yet revealed if shows that they picked up are available for continued viewing. While the show has been removed for now, this doesn’t mean we won’t see it return.

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