What is the Future of ‘Castlevania’ on Netflix?

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Castlevania has been one of the most popular animated Originals on Netflix, and it’s not hard to see why. The Castlevania series has ended with its fourth season. What does this mean for the future of Castlevania on Netflix? It’s reported that Netflix is eyeing up a new Castlevania series, so below we’ll be discussing what we could possibly see from the potential next iteration of Castlevania on Netflix.

Castlevania is best known as one of the most ancient videogame franchises. Lords of Shadows 2 was the 29th title to be released in 2014, with the very first being published in September 1986.

The premiere season of Powerhouse Animation's Netflix was a surprise to the whole world. It earned prestigious awards, but more importantly, the admiration and love from subscribers all over the globe. The series grew stronger with each season, earning it the reputation of being one the most animated series on Netflix.

Castlevania Season 5 Netflix Renewal Status

End of Official Netflix Renewal Status (Last Updated on 18/05/2021)

When Netflix first announced the release date for the fourth season of Castlevania, they also announced it would be the anime’s last season. Fans were rightfully disappointed that we wouldn’t see any more of Trevor Belmont, and his adventures with Sypha and Alucard but in April 2021 Deadline reported that Netflix is eyeing up a brand new Castlevania series with a brand new story, cast, and characters.

What is the reason why Castlevania's original series ended?

The series wasn’t “canceled” as some people on social media believe. It was the end of Trevor Belmont's story and how he fought against Dracula, and other evil forces.

Before season 4, the fate of the series was in doubt after Warren Ellis, the writer and executive producer, faced allegations of sexual misconduct. Ellis’s last contribution to Castlevania was finishing the scripts but had no further involvement in the rest of the production, and as reported by Deadline he has not been featured in the conversations surrounding the new series.

What date will the next series premiere?

Thanks to the fact that the Castlevania video-game franchise has existed since the mid-1980s, amassing over two dozen video games in its 35-year history, there’s no shortage of inspiration for the new series.

Castlevania's timeline spans several centuries, starting at the beginning of the 11th century and ending in the early 18th century. There have been many heroes in the Castlevania games, but it’s more than likely that story would be based around one of the four following members of the Belmont Clan;

  • Leon Belmont (Ancestor of Trevor) – 11th Century
  • Christopher Belmont (Descendant of Trevor) – 16th Century
  • Simon Belmont (Christopher’s Great-Grandson) – 17th Century
  • Richter Belmont (Simon’s Grandson) – 18th Century

Netflix might choose to make a prequel series. This would allow Netflix to explore the history of Leon Belmont's origin, as well as the rise and fall of the Belmont Clan, famous vampire hunters. And, most importantly, Dracula's origin. Leon Belmont's story took place during the latter part of the 11th century.

castlevania leon belmont netflix

Leon Belmont – Copyright. Konami

Christopher, while not the most well-known Belmont Clan character, would make a great series' protagonist. Christopher is facing Dracula in the video-game timeline 100 years after Trevor Belmont, his ancestor. Christopher Belmont's story takes place in 16th-century England.

castlevania christopher belmont netflix

Christopher Belmont on the artwork of Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge for the Game Boy – Copyright. Komani

Simon Belmont was the hero of Castlevania's video games. A series that is based on his adventures would do him justice. Simon Belmont's story takes place in 17th-century England.

castlevania simon belmont netflix

Simon Belmont – Copyright. Komani

Richter Belmont was finally born more than 300 years after Trevor. Richter’s adventures took place in the late 18th century, which would have a dramatically different aesthetic to the late middles ages Wallachia where Trevor lived.

castlevania richter belmont netflix

Richter Belmont – Copyright. Komani

How about Lord of Shadows, perhaps?

Lord of Shadows was a remake of Castlevania's video games. It is not part of the main story. Gabriel Belmont is the protagonist of this story. He is part of the Brotherhood of Light and is on a mission to defeat Lords of Shadow.

As an entirely separate story to that of the original video game timeline, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see the events of Lord of Shadows be adapted into the new Netflix Castlevania series.

lord of shadows video game castlevania ps3

The PS3 covers of Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2 – Copyright. Konami

What is the release date for Castlevania: Netflix.

It’s still far too early to determine when the next Castlevania series is coming to Netflix. Each season of Castlevania had a substantial time gap between them, usually between 16 and 18 months.

We must take into consideration that the production of the new series hasn’t even been confirmed yet. It means that there will be a long wait for the new series.

We could possibly see Netflix's release in 2023 at the very earliest.

Do you have any suggestions for the Castlevania next series? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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