What Time Will ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer Drop Tomorrow?

Review Ethan / 2022-09-03 12:20:51

Red is the code. It's not a drill. A new Stranger Things season 4 trailer is inbound and is set to arrive tomorrow (April 12th, 2022) and we’ve got everything you need to know about the trailer drop tomorrow.

In case you didn’t know, we’re a little over a month until Stranger Things season 4 begins airing in two halves. Stranger Things season 4 will air in two halves. The first part of Stranger Things season 4 is available on May 27, 2022, and the second half on July 1, 2022.

So far, we’ve had four teaser trailers released between February 2020 with the most recent “Welcome to California” releasing in November 2021.

In March, we got news that the series had been renewed for a fifth and final season but we still haven’t had a full trailer for the new season.

Tomorrow will be a different story after an enigmatic live video was launched today with a 24-hour countdown.

It is found at 34.0151800, or -118.4955348, in a shopping mall just east of Santa Monica Boulevard. Although the clock is visible front and centre, the live stream occasionally pulls back so that people wearing labcoats can inspect the clock.

Because we saw the clock in the Creel House teaser, it is important. California is significant as that’s where Will and Eleven are now attending school. At the conclusion of season 3, they moved from Hawkins to California. It is likely that the Upside Down spreads to other areas of America because the clock appears in the middle of busy streets in California.

We were finally able to confirm that the countdown was counting down until the release of full trailers.

The stream finally announced at 9PM BST that the trailer would be coming tomorrow morning at 7AM PST/10 AM EST. Along with the tease, the HNL logo was shown. It is the Hawkins National Laboratory U.S. Department of Energy.

trailer tease for stranger things season 4 copy

Stranger Things season 4 tease

Here’s a breakdown of when the Stranger Things season 4 trailer will drop for other regions:

  • Time Zone: 3 pm UK Time
  • Central Europe, 4 pm
  • 8.30 pm in India
  • Australia at Midnight

Yesterday, the Duffer Brothers confirmed that each episode of season 4 is over an hour in length at an event.

Netflix’s social channels have also been releasing recaps as of late (they’re needed as we’ve waited an eternity since the last season!) BlindPig.TV has released a cartoon recap of Season 1!

We’ll keep you posted as and when the trailer goes live but until then, let us know if you’re excited for the new Stranger Things season 4 trailer in the comments.


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