What Time Will ‘The Crown’ Season 1 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-21 09:23:20

Netflix will release The Crown Season 1 on November 4, 2016, but when exactly is it? The answer lies below, and it varies depending on your location. For most people, it’ll be available the second you wake up tomorrow morning.

The series is both the most ambitious and intrinsically the most costly Netflix Original Production of all time. This comes off of The Get Down, a ridiculously expensive Baz Lurhman summer production.

The reviews for the series are overwhelmingly positive with everything being praised stating that Netflix has spared no expense and that’s great news.

This series tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, current reigning monarch. It also tells her story starting at day 1. It stars Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith as Prince Philip and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill.

We’ll have way more coverage of season 1 of The Crown as it drops and over the coming weeks. It’s safe to say though that this is a series people will be staying up to binge through instantly.

The Crown Season 1 Release Schedule

Time Available Timezone Location
00:00 PDT West Coast – US
01:00 MT Mid-West – US
02:00 CET Central – US
03:00 EDT East Coast – US
08:00 BST/GMT United Kingdom
17:00 AEST Australia
09:00 CEST Amsterdam (Europe)
15:00 SGT Singapore


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