When will ‘Dynasties’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-05 07:46:41

BBC's nature documentaries never disappoint. Particularly those that were narrated and filmed by David Attenborough. Dynasties, which is currently airing in the UK on BBC Radio 4 at the moment of this writing, is expected to be available on Netflix soon.

Over the years the BBC Natural History Unit has produced some phenomenal documentaries. With titles like Planet Blue, Blue Planet I & II, and Hidden Kingdoms the team behind the camera have never failed to impress. Not to mention the team behind Planet Earth is producing the upcoming Netflix Original Our Planet which will also be narrated by David Attenborough.

Instead of focusing on regions or ecosystems of the world Dynasties’ focus is centered around 5 specific animals. The documentary features all endangered species that are at high risk of extinction. Although extinction is looming over all of them, they have created enduring populations. This series is narrated by David Attenborough, a wonderful voice who will amaze you. Follow the animals as they survive this harsh world.

Dynasties US Release Date

The documentary will soon be available on BBC America.

It will also be available on Netflix, we expect. Typically, however, there’s quite a long wait. Blue Planet II took nearly a year for Netflix to release in the United States, unlike Planet Earth. We believe Dynasties will also come to Netflix but probably won’t be until late 2019.

It will be on Netflix UK.

It won’t be arriving on Netflix UK for a long time as the BBC will have the exclusive right to stream through their service BBC iPlayer.

It is not yet known when Netflix will release it. If we go by the previous release of Blue Planet II, then we could potentially see Dynasties arrive in the Spring of 2019!

Our Planet will be released on April 5, 2019, which could clash with the Spring release.  Once we have confirmation on the release date, we’ll make sure to let everyone know.

Do you look forward to Dynasties being available on Netflix? Comment below to let us know!


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