When will ‘Greenleaf’ Season 4 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-30 22:39:47

Greenleaf quickly became a favourite on Netflix. Fans will be thrilled to learn that it is back for its fourth season. What time will Greenleaf season 4 be available on Netflix around the globe? We’ve got the answers.

Although Netflix carries Greenleaf and even in some cases it’s carried as an Original, it’s not actually produced by Netflix. This series aired first on OWN USA before being distributed worldwide on Netflix.

This series features a dysfunctional family that runs an American megachurch and all the problems they face. So far, the series has seen marriages crumble and families are torn apart but there have also been some positives too.

Greenleaf was certain to return for season 4, given that it is OWN's flagship program. It was renewed on September 19th, halfway through the fourth season.

What time will Greenleaf be able to return to OWN again?

It must air in America on OWN before it drops on Netflix.

We know that the show could keep the same schedule this year thanks to an Instagram posting. Season 4 will air on OWN starting in August and ending in November.


This would mark the beginning of a Greenleaf season with a consistent release schedule.

Greenleaf Season 4 will be available on Netflix US when?

Predicting Greenleaf’s release date on Netflix is largely dependant on when exactly it comes out on OWN.

Here’s how Greenleaf has released on Netflix up until season 4:

  • The arrival of Season 1 was in March 2017.
  • Season 2 was released in November 2017.
  • The arrival of Season 3 was December 2018,

If season 4, it will follow its fall to late summer schedule. We’re currently expecting season 4 to arrive on Netflix in December 2019.

It was announced that Greenleaf Season 4 would be available on Netflix USA on December 5, 2019.

What date will Season 4 Greenleaf debut on Netflix Originals?

If you live outside of the United States, you have Greenleaf as a Netflix Original meaning Netflix is the only place you’ll be able to watch season 4 of the show.

Unfortunately, unlike a lot of other shows that Netflix picks up from the US, it doesn’t air episodes of Greenleaf on a weekly basis. It arrived on Netflix last year literally one day after its season finale.

Mid-October saw confirmation that Greenleaf Season 4 would be available on Netflix in the United Kingdom, and other countries, starting November 6, 2019.

Do you look forward to Greenleaf Season 4 on Netflix? Comment below.


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