When will ‘High Seas’ Season 3 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-30 02:07:31

High Seas has quickly become one of Netflix’s best Spanish period dramas. Season 2 of High Seas or Alta Mar as it’s known in Spain released in November 2019 which if you’ve now finished, you’re probably wondering when season 3 is due out on Netflix. Let’s take a look.

Netflix's Spanish-language content has been a huge success. High Seas, along with Money Heist and Elite have been a huge success. The murder mystery series is set on board a cruise ship and follows the vessel to Rio De Janeiro. Season 2 of the series was released by Netflix on November 22nd.

Spoilers ahead: Season 2 ended with the ship reaching Rio De Janeiro, revealing quite a few secrets from the previous two seasons. It is not clear if a third season will take place aboard a boat.

The series has also taken on a more paranormal course in the second season too so it’s going to be interesting to see where the story sails to next.

Is High Seas renewed for Season 3?

High Seas Season 3 Renewal Status: Last updated 11/30/2019

According to Elespanol’s Bluper section, the series has not only been renewed for season 3 but a fourth season is in development too.

Bambú Productions behind the series reportedly told the Spanish site that production on the next set of episodes in November with another 16 episodes (split into 8 episodes per season).

It’s worth noting that Netflix hasn’t officially announced anything regarding season 3 yet.

What time will High Seas Season 3 premiere on Netflix?

With filming reportedly taking place from November 2019, it’s likely the series will be returning for its third outing at some point in 2020. La Prensa appears to be in agreement with our predictions, predicting that the series will become available at the end of 2020.

Also, with a fourth season confirmed it’s probably going to be the case that we’ll see new episodes in 2021 too.

High Seas: What you can watch on Netflix

If you’re looking for something else to stream which is similar. Netflix’s Cable Girls is a good shout. This period drama, set in Madrid in the 1920s, follows workers at a telecom company. Season 5 will be released in two parts in 2020, according to recent announcements.

Do you look forward to watching more episodes of High Seas? Comment below.


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