When will ‘Hilda’ Season 2 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-03-20 16:13:15

Hilda was confirmed to return for another season. Here’s a look at the second season plus when it will likely release on Netflix.

This animated series for families was available on Netflix as 13 episodes on September 21st. We apologize if you missed it, but now we urge you to go back and take a look. This series has been rated among the top Netflix Originals in 2018 so far.

Netflix relies more on Dreamworks TV to produce animated content, but this shows that Netflix is able to spot talented animation studios.

Based on the graphic novel, the series follows a young girl who travels to an area where giants and magical elves rule supreme. She also visits Trolberg, which is bustling with people and dangerous lands.

Hilda is Coming Back For Season 2

Official Renewal Status Confirmed

Just a few weeks after the release of season 1, Netflix announced in an exclusive panel at New York Comic Con that they were launching season 2.

Bella Ramsay to Return in Season 2

Bella Ramsay, without any doubt, is the show's highlight. She lends her voice to the character Hilda and given her new found fame in the likes of Game of Thrones, Judy, and The Worst Witch, you may be wondering whether she’ll return.

You can be thankful as she has confirmed she’ll be returning to voice the upcoming season.

How will season 2 unfold?

Luke Pearson (the writer of the series) has released the list of books that will be featured in season 2. Episode 13 featured Hilda helping Tontu and Black Hound to overcome their fear.

The first season covers books 1 to 4. That means season 1 included “Hilda and the Troll”, “Hilda and the Midnight Giant”, “Hilda and the Bird Parade” and “Hilda and The Black Hound.”

Season two is already set to cover the 2016 novel “Hilda and The Stone Forest.” That’s where things get a little complicated, however. That novel takes us up to date to what’s been released. At the moment, only one novel was announced. That novel is called “Hilda and the Mountain King” and it’s due for release in 2019.

What time will Hilda's season 2 premiere on Netflix?

Official Twitter account of Hilda has confirmed Hilda's return to Netflix in 2020. Sadly we still don’t know what specific date Season 2 will air.

Are you looking forward to season two of Hilda coming to Netflix? Comment below.


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