When will ‘Madam Secretary’ season 5 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-12-05 23:04:49

We’re now a few episodes into season 5 of Madam Secretary on CBS. For those who watch the show exclusively on Netflix, you’ll be wanting to know when season 5 will be on Netflix. Here’s our best guess estimate as to when the political drama will be back on Netflix.

This drama, unlike most others in the political genres, focuses on the Secretary of States role and not the President. Téa Leoni plays the role of Elizabeth McCord.

With season 6 of Netflix’s House of Cards wrapping up this year, Netflix’s foreign political drama Marseille also now finished, Madam Secretary is one of the few ongoing political shows not only coming to Netflix but on television itself. The recently acquired Designated Survivor could be considered a political drama.

The jury remains undecided on whether or not the series will be renewed for its sixth season. TVline lists Madam Secretary as a possible renewal candidate.


What time will Madam Secretary season 5 be available on Netflix US

Let’s just take a quick look as to when previous seasons have released on Netflix.

In April 2015, the show premiered on Netflix for the first time. Since then, we’ve had regular season drops every year in July. The last season that was added to the July 4th 2018 edition of Season 4 was in 2018.

Now, it is confirmed that Madam Secretary season 5 will be available on Netflix June 30, 2019.

If you can’t wait until then, you’ll either have to watch live or alternatively subscribe to CBS All Access who has the show on catchup.

Madam Secretary Season 5 Release Date for Other Regions

Only the United States is streaming Madam Secretary. We don’t foresee this to change going forward. Other regions that stream Madam Secretary include Hong Kong, India and South Korea. The new season will be available in most of these areas starting this summer 2019.

Do you look forward to Madam Secretary's next season on Netflix? Please comment below.


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