When Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4B be on Netflix UK?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-20 08:06:35

Although it felt like a long time, the final season of Rick & Morty was finally available on Netflix UK. Unfortunately, this was the only half of season 4 that viewers were able to watch. Is there season 4B yet? When will it be available on Netflix UK? Let’s find out.

Rick and Morty has a large and loyal following. It is among the most loved adult-animated comedy series on the planet. Netflix is largely responsible for Rick and Morty's worldwide success. They have licensed it to many countries around the world.

This was especially beneficial for the UK and, for many years, Netflix was Rick and Morty's only home. After season three, it was revealed that Channel 4 had purchased the Adult Swim library which also included Rick and Morty's TV broadcast rights.

What time will Rick and Morty Season 4B debut on Netflix?

Netflix UK is yet to confirm when Rick and Morty season 4B arrives on Netflix, but we know when the rest of the episodes will be available.

The broadcast was divided in half, as is known. The first half of the series was broadcast in the UK between November 18th 2020 and December 18th 2020. Six months later, the first half season 4 arrived at Netflix UK on June 18, 2020.

The finale of Rick and Morty wasn’t broadcast in the UK until June 4th, which means if the second half of the fourth season follows suit, we won’t see the remaining episodes arrive until December 2020.

Are Rick and Morty leaving Netflix UK?

The fact that UK subscribers get the latest episodes of Rick and Morty a little later than the previous seasons hasn't stopped them from watching the show on Netflix UK.

Last October 2018, we reported Rick and Morty were due to depart Netflix UK. The license for the series has since been renewed, and we aren’t expecting to see it leaving anytime soon.

Netflix has Rick and Morty streaming.

In many parts of the globe, Rick and Morty can be viewed on Netflix.

Country Seasons Episodes
Australia 4 41
Belgium 4 41
Czech Republic 4 41
Greece 4 41
Hong Kong 4 41
Hungary 4 41
Iceland 4 41
India 4 41
Israel 4 41
Japan 4 41
Lithuania 4 41
Netherlands 4 41
Poland 4 41
Portugal 4 41
Russia 4 41
Singapore 4 41
Slovakia 4 41
South Africa 4 41
South Korea 4 41
Sweden 4 41
Thailand 4 41
Romania 4 41
Turkey 4 40
Argentina 4 36
Brazil 4 36
France 4 36
Germany 4 36
Italy 4 36
Mexico 4 36
Spain 4 36
Switzerland 4 36


Do you want to catch the final episodes of Rick and Morty Season 4 on Netflix UK?


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