When will Season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’ be on Netflix?

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It took a long time for The Walking Dead season 10 to arrive on Netflix. It is usually available on Netflix each September, but the season 10 of The Walking Dead was severely affected by the pandemic. Netflix will now have the series in its US version in July 2021.

Despite having a somewhat damaged reputation in its later seasons, the series is still one of the best action series going at the moment and AMC’s biggest show still. Season 9 (which arrived on Netflix in the US in September 2019) saw the departure of one of the show’s key stars so this season will be about how the rest of the cast manages.

From October 6, 2019 to April 5, 2020, Season 10 of The Walking Dead aired on AMC. However, the production on the final episode called “A Certain Doom” was not able to air due to production problems.

Netflix releases The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1

Season 10 is a departure from previous seasons. In the past, new episodes of The Walking Dead were released every September on Netflix like clockwork.

We mentioned that episode 16 was delayed due to production issues. It will now be released on AMC October 4, 2020. The remaining episodes will release up until April 4, 2021.

The entire season was split into three segments.

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The Walking Dead – Picture: AMC

We originally reported that there was a variety of release dates for The Walking Dead season 10, as well as other possible releases on Netflix.

  1. We get part a and part b in the regular spot with the additional episodes dropping later (this is now definitely not the case)
  2. We have to wait until the finale of part b and the six episodes air before it comes to Netflix.

We believe we need to stream season 10 of The Walking Dead via Netflix before the summer ends 2021.

Netflix confirmed that the new season of The Walking Dead will be available on Netflix starting July 26, 2021.

The Walking Dead is not available in other Netflix countries, such as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Since 20th Television acquired the series, Disney has been the primary distributor.

Netflix: Will The Walking Dead go away?

There are rumors that AMC may pull The Walking Dead off Netflix. While this will be true in the future, Netflix currently holds the license under a legacy agreement. That means it’ll stay on Netflix so long as new seasons release and once the show has ended, the show will leave after a few years.

Fear The Walking Dead is not available on Netflix US, despite a comparable contract with Hulu. Likewise, the new show, World Beyond, isn’t expected to come to Netflix either.

In case you’re wondering, The Walking Dead will be headed back for an eleventh season on AMC in 2020 so there are still reasons to keep with the show

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