When will Season 2 of ‘Hotel Transylvania’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-03-11 11:50:52

Netflix has just received 26 episodes from the original season of Hotel Transylvania Season 1 and the extra shorts. Sadly, it looks as though the series won’t be continuing beyond its first season so naturally won’t be coming to Netflix.

This comedy series is aimed at children and serves as a prequel to the amazing Hotel Transylvania films, which both have been streamed over the years on Netflix. It first debuted on the Disney Channel last year in the United States. Most episodes were released, but some are only available on Netflix.

On Disney Channel in America, only 18 episodes from season 1 were shown. It’s not clear why Disney Channel didn’t air the remaining episodes but that could indicate it decided to ditch the project. The episodes 19-26 were exclusively available on Netflix from June 25, 2015.

Is the series still being renewed?

Official renewal has not yet been granted to the series. It is currently shared by Disney and Teletoon Canada. Given that Disney didn’t continue airing the remaining episodes it’s likely Teletoon will have to produce the series on its own.

There’s a chance that Netflix could step in an take over the international distribution and give the series another batch of episodes. With that said, we’ve not heard of any such plan so we should assume the series does not get renewed.

One outlet even goes as far as to say that the show has officially been axed but we’ve yet to hear it from Disney themselves.

There are some good news stories!

Given the outlook on a potential second season looks poor, we thought we’d throw in some good news. Like the other two movies, Hotel Transylvania 3 will be released in September. It will also eventually stream on Netflix. This won’t be until mid-way through 2019 but it’s still something to look forward to.

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