When Will Season 3 of ‘Queen of the South’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-12-24 11:52:27

Queen of the South Season 3 is now available for US release in May 2019. Netflix will soon be releasing the third season of USANetwork's show Queen of South, which was compared to Breaking Bad. Here’s the full release schedule for Queen of the South season 3.

This show quickly became one of Netflix's most loved. The series stars Alice Braga who plays Teresa Mendoza, an immigrant who flees Mexico having been involved in the drug trade. She returns to her former life, becoming the largest drug smuggler south.

Season 3 began on June 21st on USA Network is now around just under halfway through the third season. Teresa is seen hiding in Malta after her company collapsed in season 2.

What time will Queen of the South season 3 be available on Netflix USA?

Much like USA Network’s other titles on Netflix like Shooter, the network uses Netflix as a way of promoting the upcoming series. USA Network does not believe that the right time is the best for releasing the series. This happens just before the new season begins.

Season 2 was released in America in May 2018. We expected that season 3 would be available on Netflix again in May 2019. That’s exactly what happened, the show is due to release on Netflix in the United States on May 7th, 2019.

Release date for season 3 of Queen of the South

Can’t wait? You have other options. USA Network offers a streaming service that allows you to register and watch their shows live on catchup. Sadly, Hulu doesn’t hold the catchup rights to Queen of the South so that’s your only other option.

What time will Queen of the South season 3 be available on Netflix in other regions?

The Queen of South is also available in most other English-speaking countries. New seasons are added to the United Kingdom in June. Australia is also affected by the same phenomenon. Canada however gets new seasons every July.

For other regions, if Netflix is carrying season 1 and 2 at the moment, you’ll also be the recipient for season 3 in summer 2019.

Is there a fourth season of Queen of the South coming?

Yes! Yes! USANetwork already gave the go-ahead for Queen of the South season 4, which will air later in 2019.

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