When will Season 4 of ‘Good Witch’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-12-04 22:02:14

Good Witch season 3 just landed on Netflix but as you may already know, season 4 has already started on the Hallmark Channel so if you’re looking for when the new season will hit Netflix, read on below.

It is produced in Canada by a British TV company and broadcast on an American television network. This show is a departure from the usual Hallmark series of romantic comedy. However, it has become one their most popular shows. This fantasy drama, as the name implies, is about Cassie Nightingale who, along with her daughter, has magical abilities. This show is similar to Charmed, and you should watch it if that's what interests you.

New seasons are added to Netflix on an annual basis but don’t necessarily match up with the actual release on Hallmark.

Good Witch Season 4 Netflix US Release Day

Here’s a quick look back at when previous seasons of The Good Witch have been added to Netflix.

Netflix added season 1 in June 2016, season 2 in April 2017, and, of course season 3 in May 2018, season 3 landed on Netflix.

After a lengthy wait, the release of season 4 of Good Witch was finally announced at June 2019, after which it will be available on Netflix.

Additional Netflix Region Release Dates

Netflix UK is the country that first got the series. The addition of season 3 to the series was made in July 2017, just a few months after it had ended. We’re expecting season 4 of Good Witch to be on Netflix in the UK in summer 2018.

Season 4 will likely also be added to Netflix Australia this year. Season 3 was released in September last year. We expect season 4 on Netflix AU to arrive by 2018.

Netflix to get rid of Good Witch

In recent months, some Hallmark titles are slowly being removed from Netflix. Cedar Cove, which has all three seasons on Netflix starting in June will be the next major title. Netflix loves newer series. This is why this happens. Good Witch is an example of this. We believe that Netflix will keep getting new episodes as long as there are new seasons.


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