When will Season 6 of ‘The Blacklist’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-11-15 07:31:18

The Blacklist has wrapped up its sixth season on NBC and with season 7 due out in fall 2019, you’re probably looking to catch season 6 of The Blacklist on Netflix. We’ve finally got the release date for season 6 on Netflix.

You may recall that Netflix bought The Blacklist at a record price. It’s on what’s called a “legacy contract” whereby so long as NBC keeps producing new seasons, they’ll keep coming to Netflix. Some have feared the remainder of NBC’s library will leave Netflix which is what is happening to The Office, for example. We’ll take a look at whether or not that’ll happen at the bottom of this article.

The Blacklist season 6: What can you expect?

We only had one storyline left to wrap up season 5. Is there an imposter here? Season 6 should reveal all. Red was a mystery man from the beginning, but the last season brought out the best in him.

Season 6 featured 22 episodes, as in previous seasons. The episodes began slightly later than normal in January 2019, and they wrapped up in May 2019.

What time will The Blacklist season 6 be available on Netflix?

If you’re not watching the show live on NBC or using its applications to catch up weekly, you’ll need Netflix to binge-watch the show.

Netflix renews NBC's content annually. Since the beginning of time, Netflix has always had new episodes arrive in September.

This was confirmed in September 2019, when the US release date was revealed. The Blacklist Season 6 will be available on Netflix starting September 19, 2019.

Netflix: Will The Blacklist be removed?

It’s unlikely. It's possible that Netflix spent a significant amount of money to get The Blacklist streaming on Netflix. This includes the ongoing rights to the series. That means it’s likely going to continue to come to Netflix so long as they keep making new seasons.

There you have it, that’s when you’ll be streaming season 6 of The Blacklist on Netflix. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be watching live or through Netflix. Also looking ahead, season 7 of The Blacklist is going ahead so we’ll be back once season 6 hits Netflix to give you a guide on when season 7 will head to Netflix too.


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