When will Season 7 of ‘Parks and Recreation’ stream on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-05-05 08:33:51

UPDATE 12/19/15 – Parks and Recreation has finally got its season 7 release date.

All good things must come to an end, right? That does seem to be the case and just when you thought NBC couldn’t loose any more comedy shows, Parks and Recreation rolls the credits for one last time. Last night, millions watched the finale of the series as its cast bid farewell. Netflix has been pretty good at keeping up to date with NBC comedy shows and Parks and Recreation does not buck the trend, as we predict we’ll be getting the final season later this year.

If you’re not familiar with Parks and Recreation you can cactch up with the first 6 seasons of the show right now on Netflix if you’re in the states but if you need a bit of a push – here’s our pitch. Parks and Recreation, a mockumentary-styled NBC comedy that originally aired Thursday nights on NBC, is now available for streaming. It’s often compared to the The Office. It’s about a Parks and Recreation government body operating in Pawnee, a small town in Indiana. The group is ran by Leslie Knope, who’s constantly battling against the higher-ups to get anything done. Millions of people around the globe enjoy its humour.

So that’s the pitch but you’re still probably thinking, when is season 7 coming to Netflix? Well the answer is that we’ll probably be getting the final season of Parks and Recreation in September 2015. However, given that it is the last season of the show NBC may push out the show earlier as usually most television networks add their shows to Netflix just before a new season airs on TV which of course isn’t the case with Parks and Recreation anymore.

Farewell Parks and Recreation, we’ll miss you. Ron, take it away.


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