When will season 7 of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ come to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-26 14:30:24

The Vampire Diaries has been running since 2009. It continues to be one of the most entertaining vampire shows on TV today. Now well into its seventh season, many Netflixers will be questioning as to when it’ll arrive on Netflix, here’s the answers.

It's a simple show about a teenager who is torn by not one, but two vampire-brothers. The show has since been adapted to other vampires, and even a spinoff series called The Originals that focuses on one family.

The show's seventh season has received very good reviews. It currently features 18 episodes. An eighth season is nearly a certainty.

The show was added to Netflix by The CW in recent years in part of the annual CW refresh, which takes place every October. We don't see any reason why The Vampire Diaries would be rescheduled on The CW in October 2016, given that it has been running in the same timeslot as The CW in winter and spring.

We do not see a problem with the fact that CBS bosses and Time Warner bosses (who also own The CW) have publicly stated their intention to separate from Netflix and other streaming platforms and instead put their content on a single platform. Netflix themselves has admitted that the CW contract does indeed come up for renewal in 2016 and they’ll most likely have to dig deep for their content this time around with heavy hitters like Arrow, The Flash and Supernatural all being big pulls for anyone with a Netflix subscription.

We’re obviously hoping here that all the CW content is renewed and in that case, we’ll be getting season 7 of The Vampire Diaries in October 2016. This release date is likely to be announced in the September post.


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