When will Season 8 of ‘Death in Paradise’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-10 11:37:37

Death in Paradise, a British-French crime drama that was filmed in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean is a popular British-French-French show. Viewers in both the UK and USA have enjoyed 7 of its seasons.

On the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, a British agent is assigned to investigate the murder of a British police officer. After successfully solving the investigation, he begrudgingly stays on to become the detective inspector of the island.

Death in Paradise is still one of the most watched programs on British TV. This popularity has also transitioned across the pond to the US. Internationally, the crime-drama enjoys a loyal following with many eagerly awaiting each new episode.

What time will the 8th season of Season 2 be available on Netflix US?

The BBC will broadcast Season 8, but it is expected that the BBC will also air the 6 previous seasons of Death in Paradise. If we follow the normal format, each season will end at the beginning of February. The next season will air six months later. The next season will be released in September.

How about in other areas?

Subscribers from Australia and Britain can also access Death in Paradise.

Is Death in Paradise season 8 exciting? Leave us a comment below to let us know your excitement for season 8 of Death in Paradise!


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