When will Seasons 16-20 of ‘NCIS’ be on Netflix?

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Will Seasons 16 19 Of Ncis Be On Netflix

NCIS – Picture: ViacomCBS

NCIS is back for season 19 on CBS and if you’re looking to catch up on Netflix, the US is still massively behind on the hit CBS show. It appears that season 16, 17, 18 and 19 won't be available on Netflix. Here’s what we know and why that’s the case.

It’s worth noting that only Netflix US currently has access to NCIS and we don’t expect other regions to get any of the previous seasons in the future. This article is aimed at Netflixers living in the United States.

NCIS is a series that has been around for over fifteen years and continues to be loved by fans. While the franchise was spawned many spin-offs, such as NCIS: Los Angeles or NCIS: New Orleans, only the original NCIS series received regular updates from Netflix.

For those that are new to the show, “The Major Case Response Team” is a part of the fictional Naval Criminal Investigative Service. This team is located in Washington D.C at the Washington Navy Yard field office. The MCRT will investigate any crime committed by a Marine Corps member or Navy personnel.

This series is one of Netflix's most watched. The Nielsen Top 10 continues to confirm that the series has a strong appeal for viewers, with the show acquiring 586,000,000 minutes between August 23rd-August 29th.

why ncis isnt getting updates on netflix

NCIS – Picture: ViacomCBS

Netflix will eventually release Seasons 16-20 on NCIS.

Since 2018, two of CBS’s major titles on Netflix have no longer received annual updates.

Season 15, which is still the newest season on Netflix, was added in June 2018 and since then, NCIS and Criminal Minds haven’t been updated. As you might know, Criminal Minds will be leaving Netflix in June 2022.

So what’s happening? Officially, neither CBS or Netflix has provided us with a statement regarding the future of the show but the indication is that the contract to get annual updates ended and now we’re probably waiting until the day when the two titles are taken away from Netflix in favor of ViacomCBS’s Paramount+.

Ncis Availability Netflix

NCIS – Picture: ViacomCBS

Paramount+ is still being relaunched by ViacomCBS. ViacomCBS already hopes that you will be able to skip the three seasons currently missing.

Paramount+ has been the best streaming service for NCIS since 2022. We don’t mean that in the sense that Paramount+ is the better streaming service, we’re referring to the fact that it’s the only way to watch every season of NCIS including the new ones. Paramount+ has all the missing Netflix episodes, and it also receives new episodes shortly after airing.

Other CBS programs that were used to receive regular Netflix updates also ended, but they also left Netflix. Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0 also left Netflix in February 2019. Paramount+ will be the only streaming platform for both shows (previously CBS All Access).

We are expecting what seasons of NCIS are on Netflix to eventually depart but our intel suggests that won’t be until 2024 currently.

What region is NCIS available on Netflix?

NCIS is unfortunately not available on Netflix for UK fans. The show transitioned away from Sky in recent years (the spin-offs haven’t) with Disney+ and Prime Video streaming the show with 19 seasons available on Disney+ and 16 on Prime.

In a similar situation for Canada and Australia, the show isn’t currently streaming on Netflix either.

The show was removed from GlobalTV Canada over the last year. All 19 seasons are available on Paramount+.

The show can also be viewed in Australia on Paramount+, while 17 seasons of the series are available on Binge.

Would you like to see Netflix have seasons 16-20 on Netflix? Are you sad that NCIS is leaving Netflix? Comment below.


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