When will Seasons 4-9 of ‘The Game’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-18 08:27:41

The Game can now be viewed on Netflix USA, but the US has only added the first three seasons to Netflix. The next seasons 4, 5, and 9 will be added to Netflix. They were originally aired on BET. Let’s find out.

If you’ve never checked out The Game before, you can now do so again on Netflix in the United States. The romantic comedy series, which is not to be confused with the 1997 film, began airing on Netflix in 2008.

The CW aired it for the first three seasons, with identical seasons on Netflix. It was cancelled then revived on BET.

The series was immensely popular back in its day. When it first got revived over at BET, the premiere managed to score 7.7 million viewers something that’s relatively unheard of today for a sitcom.

Mara Brock Akil, who is also known for Girlfriends on Netflix, Black Lightning, and other series, created the series. The show stars Tia Mwry, Brittany Daniel, Brittany Daniel, and Coby Bell.


As we’ve mentioned, this isn’t the first time The Game seasons 1-3 has been on Netflix. It previously tenured on Netflix between 2014 and 2016 and came to Netflix as part of The CW’s output deal with Netflix.

Netflix will soon have the latest BET season.

The only reason season 1-3 of The Game did not make it to Netflix was because CBS Television Distribution has only the right to sell rights to the first three seasons.

Although we’re not familiar with the rights situation, it’s likely that BET controls the rights to the newer seasons and it’s up to them to release to CBS to then be able to sell to Netflix.

It’s probably unlikely we’ll see seasons 4 through 9 added to Netflix anytime soon as if the rights were available, they would’ve arrived on the date of the first three seasons.

We’ve seen in previous cases when Netflix has revived a show (we’re referring to The Killing) and lost the rights to the early seasons that when the show did eventually find a new home, the revival season didn’t follow.

We’ll, of course, update this post should the newer seasons of The Game lined up for Netflix US in the future but for now, you’ll have to find other methods of watching.

Are you interested in seeing more episodes of The Game? Please let us know below.


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