When will ‘Supergirl’ Season 6 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-09-27 17:22:10

Supergirl will not be able to see the October episode of The CW's DC series. This will result in Netflix's most popular regions seeing the season later than usual. Here’s the complete release schedule for Supergirl season 6 on Netflix as of August 2021.

Supergirl, as you may know is one of the many shows on Netflix's DC Arrowverse. The original series aired on CBS, but it was moved to The CW in season 2.

Unogs reports that Supergirl season 1-5 are available in all 24 Netflix regions.

What time will Supergirl Season 6 air on The CW

We have already mentioned that Supergirl was not aired in the October 2020 slot due to reasons we should all be aware.

The series finally got started on The CW in March 2021. In total, 20 episodes were made.

What date will Supergirl's sixth season premiere on Netflix USA?

The US averages that new episodes are delivered to the country approximately one week after their US finale. This means that the fifth season dropped on May 25, 2020, one week after its finale aired.

Season six will follow the same pattern, but due to the longer air time (possibly 3-6 months), we initially expected that it would arrive between August 2021 and December 2021.

Although we don’t have an exact time schedule for all 20 episodes it looks like the show’s sixth season should wrap up in November 2021. We’ll then see the episodes drop soon after.

The same applies to other DC series, such as The Flash season 7.

Netflix Original Release Schedule for Supergirl Season Six

In those regions we mentioned above that aren’t the US. Supergirl, which is a Netflix Original, receives weekly episodes instead. For instance, last year's episodes aired on Sundays, before being uploaded to Netflix the next Tuesday.

This will happen again so we’ll update this post with a release calendar table as and when we learn of when episodes will actually begin airing.

Is Supergirl leaving Netflix?

If you’re wondering if Supergirl is leaving Netflix anytime soon, you have nothing to fear, at least for a while.

Supergirl is still available on Netflix, as part of an extensive output agreement Netflix and The CW had up to 2019. All shows that were produced prior to this date and continue to receive new seasons will be available on Netflix.

Once Supergirl finishes wrapping and has uploaded its last season to Netflix it will then start the clock towards when Netflix stops streaming. This is expected to happen in four years. That’s why we’re currently expecting all of Arrow to depart Netflix in 2024 for instance.

Do you look forward to Supergirl more on Netflix? Comment below.


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