When will ‘The Flash’ Season 7 be on Netflix?

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As with many shows from The CW, The Flash season 7 was delayed for the first time from its regular October slot since the show’s inception. We now have the complete release schedule for the next season of The Flash on Netflix. Season 7 has come to an abrupt close.

Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, must face the Mirror Master and Godspeed after surviving the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Is The Flash Season 7 on Netflix when?

Due to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the industry, many productions had to be shut down by 2020. This includes The Flash.

As a result, the majority of The CW’s 2020/21 slate was delayed and The Flash eventually began airing new episodes from March 2nd, 2021.

Netflix's May updates would be delayed by this.

Netflix USA will be streaming The Flash Season 7 July 28, 2021.

Weekly episodes have been broadcast to multiple regions, including Canada and most of Europe.

The Flash 7 will be available in other regions throughout 2021.

The Flash Season 7: What can you expect?

Godspeed, a comic-book villain and speedster who will challenge The Flash, is also on the horizon.

The Flash Season 7 press release gave insight into what we can expect in the next season.

“After a thrilling cliffhanger which saw the new Mirror Master victorious and still-at-large in Central City, The Flash must regroup in order to stop her and find a way to make contact with his missing wife, Iris.

With help from the rest of Team Flash, which includes Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Ralph Dibny and Nash Wells, as well as the Flash’s adoptive father Joe West, meta-attorney Cecile Horton, tough cub reporter Allegra Garcia and brilliant tech-nerd Chester P Runk,  Flash will ultimately defeat Mirror Master

But in doing so, he’ll also unleash an even more powerful and devastating threat on Central City: one that threatens to tear his team, and his marriage, apart.”

godspeed the flash season 7 netflix

The Flash will encounter the real Godspeed in season 7 – Copyright. Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television

Barry Allen has been against many speedsters like The Flash. But Godspeed is his greatest enemy.

Is The Flash leaving Netflix by 2021?

Thanks to Netflix’s legacy contract with The CW, The Flash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Netflix will receive every season of The Flash, and once it’s over the series will remain on Netflix for a further five years.

Even if the seventh season was the last, Netflix will still stream the series through 2026.

What regions will stream The Flash Season 7?

If you’re in the United Kingdom, you won’t have access to The Flash on Netflix. Sky TV has been the only provider of The Flash. You will either need to subscribe to Now TV or become a Sky TV customer in order for The Flash to be streamed in the UK.

Some regions receive episodes weekly, the following regions receive episodes weekly;

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Slovakia

Other regions can stream The Flash seasons, but they are usually a few months behind.

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand

Do you want to see The Flash on Netflix, or are you scared? Comment below to let us know your excitement for The Flash on Netflix!


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