Why ‘All American: Homecoming’ Won’t Be On Netflix

Review Ethan / 2022-08-29 13:19:43

All American: Homecoming won’t be coming to Netflix. Netflix has a stake in the series, despite the fact that they have seasons 1 through 4 of their All American series. Here’s why it won’t be on Netflix and where it’s streaming instead.

April Blair created All American, which is probably the most beloved title that has yet to be added to Netflix. This was part of The CW's expansive deal. It included every show from pre-2019 to Netflix.

In season 3 episode 17, entitled Homecoming we got what’s called a backdoor pilot episode. It means it intentionally sets up a new episode in each episode. Fans of The Office will remember NBC tried it in season 9 with what would’ve been The Farm with Dwight Schrute but it didn’t come to anything.

TVLine reported in December 2020 that an All American spinoff was in development. The pilot aired on February 20,22, and was completed in May 2022.

Simone Hicks will be returning to the spin-off. Peyton Alex Smith and Cory Hardrict were also in the pilot. Netta Walker, Sylvester Powell and Sylvester Powell all appeared in the pilot. Camille Hyde will be appearing in this spin-off.

All American: Homecoming to Netflix

In the US, we originally said that we didn’t know but not to get your hopes up. Despite earlier reports that some titles from The CW would be shopped to Netflix US individually, we’ve yet to see that actually happen.

Based on the top 10 data, it would suggest that Netflix should’ve tried and won the streaming rights to the show given the connection to the main show but alas that’s not likely to happen.

Instead of receiving them on The CW's streaming services, they are instead received by the owners of any new series. This means that in most cases, shows have been sent to only two streaming services: Paramount+ and HBO Max.

That’s the case with All American: Homecoming with the show confirmed to be headed to HBO Max in June 2022.

Now if you’re outside the United States the answer is pretty much the same albeit unless you have HBO Max, you likely won’t be able to stream the show at all. Netflix internationally doesn’t carry the prior three seasons of the main show and will almost certainly not receive the new spinoff.

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