Why HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ Won’t Come to Netflix

Review Ethan / 2023-03-11 01:49:54

HBO’s blockbuster new series starring Amy Adams has begun with season 1 now airing weekly on Sundays. Season 1 of Sharp Objects won’t be coming to Netflix at all as we’ll explain below.

Let’s be honest, HBO produces some of the best television going. Although Netflix has a growing content library, it is still not able to attract the same amount of attention as Sharp Objects. Although it’s only a miniseries and won’t be coming back for future seasons, it’s still got a level of hype unlike what Netflix is putting out, especially in the summer.

Although the series, starring Amy Adams, has a slow pace, critics say that it is filled with the right atmosphere. This is crucial for thriller series. Sophie Gilbert from The Atlantic has called the series ‘undeniably enticing.’

Sadly, Netflix won’t be getting Sharp Objects added to the service in any region. Why? HBO doesn’t ever add its content to Netflix. This is because HBO sees themselves as Netflix’s biggest competitor. Much how Netflix Originals don’t come to HBO, HBO shows don’t go to Netflix.

Netflix’s DVD rental department will likely get the box set in 2019 at some point.

You can stream it from the United States.

There are many streaming options available from HBO. The HBO Add-on for Hulu and HBO Go are the most popular options. They both stream new episodes and will keep the series in their library for many years. Amazon Prime has been the recipient of some older HBO shows but it’s unlikely they’ll get Sharp Objects.

Is there a region that Netflix will allow Sharp Objects to be made?

Nope. HBO is very open about their views on Netflix. Documentaries are not added to Netflix in any other region. Netflix has been largely absent from the US's big-hitters, such as Westworld or Game of Thrones.

Is there any Amy Adams movie on Netflix?

Netflix currently has five films featuring Amy Adams. They include Cruel intentions 2, Sunshine Cleaning and Big Eyes. Leap Year is Trouble with the Curve are also available. For fans of ‘The Office,’ you’ll know Amy Adams featured in the earlier seasons of the show and is a love interest of Jim.


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