Why isn’t ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 4 on Netflix yet?

Review Ethan / 2023-03-21 02:14:18

Jane the Virgin Season 4 is still not available on Netflix. It has missed its release date. When will it appear on Netflix?

It’s the season of The CW on Netflix in April and May with many of their shows now wrapping up for the year. New series are now available on Netflix quicker than ever thanks to the 2016 exclusive agreement with Netflix. Titles usually arrive seven days after the series' finale.

Jane the Virgin S4 was originally announced to be arriving on Netflix April 28th, but it is not yet available as of today (April 29, 2017).

It’s the not the first time a series or movie has missed its originally slated release date. Z-Nation is the latest example.

We reached out to Netflix support who weren’t able to provide us with an updated release date but did have this to say: “as of now there is no specific date for it to be released. If the title is ready and launches onto Netflix – you will receive an email that is”. Furthermore, Netflix support added, “content provider has no confirmation of the date” also adding “April is not yet over so let us just hope for it soon”.

Jane the Virgin Season 4 has already been broadcast in other regions.


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