Why isn’t ‘King of the Hill’ Streaming on Netflix Anymore?

Review Ethan / 2023-05-02 05:32:48

King of the Hill is one of those shows that you either get or simply don’t. They got it for millions of viewers around the globe. The show kicked off at the start of 1997 and spanned well over a decade, before the show was rightly or wrongly axed in 2010. We have 13 great years of memories of Hank and Peggy and Bobby, as they battle the crazy antics of their friends and family in Arlen Texas.

Up until 2013, the Fox-produced show was available on Netflix. Two years on, many fans are still wondering why it was taken off and whether King of the Hill will ever stream again on Netflix.

We did some research to come up with some findings. However, the conclusions aren’t looking bright for long-time King of the Hill fans wanting to binge-watch every season on Netflix. Fox has shown no sign in recent months or years that it will be returning the series to Netflix or any other of their streaming rivals for that matter.

Why? Well, it goes back to one of the very first articles we ever wrote here on What’s on Netflix regarding The Simpsons. We came to the conclusion that the show must still be generating substantial income whether that’s through video on demand platforms such as iTunes and Google Play but also traditional outlets such as DVD sales and merchandising. King of the Hill is likely still doing well in this respect, which is why it was pulled and why it’s not set to return.

What does all this translate to? It means that all of the additional revenue King of the Hill is generating may not warrant it needing to go onto a streaming service and actually, the fact it’s not on a streaming service to begin with, may promote sales on the fore-mentioned platforms.

We have a glimpse of hope that Netflix will refresh Fox content in September. These are the seasons where both new and existing shows are added, and occasionally even taken out. Although we hope 2015 will be the year that King of the Hill returns to Netflix, the future is grim.


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