Why ‘Unbelievable’ Won’t Be Returning for a Second Season

Review Ethan / 2022-11-11 23:25:20

Unbelievable is one of Netflix's best shows this year. Its story, grounded in reality and brutally honest treatment of victims of sexual violence has made it one the most interesting television series of 2019. Unfortunately Unbelievable won’t be returning for a second season and here’s why.

We’ve said it many times recently, but if there’s one genre Netflix has nailed down, it’s crime-dramas. Unbelievable is one of the most popular Netflix Originals. The series was produced by five studios, and each one deserves praises for the excellent drama. The series featured Katie Couric, an American journalist. If you haven’t already watched Unbelievable, make sure to add it to your watch list today.

Why Unbelievable won’t be returning for season 2

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Miniseries. (Last Updated on 16/09/2019).

Sometimes the simplest answer can be the best answer. In this instance, Unbelievable was made as a short series. Unbelievable never was intended to be extended beyond its first season. The following Originals were produced in miniseries form:

  • Godless
  • Green Frontier
  • Maniac
  • Defenders
  • We are there for them

Unbelievable required only one season. It consisted of eight episodes.

Kaitlyn Dever as Marie Adler – Copyright. Beth Dubber/Netflix

Netflix could make Unbelievable an anthology series.

Unfortunately, many real-life crime stories are ideal for television and film adaptations. Unbelievable, a fictionalized tale based on real life, although it is quite horrifying, is not the only one of these crimes.

The hard work of Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller, investigative journalists, made Unbelievable such a famous story. Their Pulitzer prize-winning article, “An Unbelievable Story of Rape” was read by hundreds of thousands, if not millions online. The detectives who led the investigation put in a lot of effort to capture the perpetrator.

Netflix could turn Unbelievable into a series similar to that of HBO’s True Detective or FX’s American Crime Story. Each show is a great one.

We believe Unbelievable's legacy should be left alone as a miniseries. However, it is possible to argue that an anthology series would make for great content on Netflix.

Are subscribers interested in a second season?

According to the twitter reaction, many people are hopeful of another season.

Many of the Twitters about the series focus on the amazing performances of cast members.

Kaitlyn dever was a great Marie Adler, we agree.


Unbelievable is a great show that will hopefully be memorable for everyone who watches it.

Do you want to see Unbelievable Season 2? Would an anthology series appeal to you? Leave us a comment below.


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