Why You Should Be Watching ‘Daredevil’ Season Three

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The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen returned for season three last Friday. Although the reaction to his return has been overwhelming, some people aren't sure. We will tell you what season 3 of Daredevil is worth watching and review the state of MTVU.

It’s safe to say it’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Marvel Netflix shows with the cancellations of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Although the future for Marvel Netflix looks grim at the moment there are some bright spots. Daredevil season 3 is one example.

Daredevil Season One and Daredevil Season Two are recapped.

Wilson Fisk made an attempt to increase his empire by focusing on underdeveloped New York areas. He committed atrocious offenses while executing these plans and drew Matt Murdock's attention. Matt Murdock was his lawyer, and Foggy Nelson was there to help him. Kingpin was sent to prison by Matt. It took Daredevil a while to incapacitate Kingpin, but it was Matt Murdock who sent him down.

After Wilson Fisk was jailed, a new adversary was brought to the attention of Daredevil: Frank ‘The Punisher’ Castle. While not a villain in the traditional sense, Frank Castle’s beliefs of putting down mobsters instead of jailing them clashed with that of Daredevil. Matt was fortunate to be reunited soon after his encounter with The Punisher. Although Elektra had a negative influence on Matt, he managed to keep his convictions in battle against Elektra (a mystical order of evil ninjas involved in organized crime as well as mercenary activities like assassination plots). This led to the death Elektra, or so it appeared.

Daredevil teamed up Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist to take down the remaining leadership of The Hand and the newly resurrected Elektra. The final confrontation saw the deaths of Elektra, and Matt Murdock.

‘The Defenders.’ Copyright Netflix and Disney

Daredevil Season Three: Why You Should Watch It

Most people will know that Daredevil, the Marvel/Netflix flagship series, is now well-known. Across all seasons, including that of the Defenders, the character of Daredevil has been the most compelling and entertaining to watch.

The Return of the Kingpin

Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of the Kingpin is not only the best version of the Kingpin to date, but also one the best TV show villains of all time. He was absent most of season 2, but his appearance in season 3 has been spectacular. His scheming is cold and calculated. Just when you think the heroes are finally able to get that one up on Wilson Fisk…boom. He already was three steps ahead.

The Darker Daredevil

Character development is what we want whenever we find ourselves watching any TV show. When characters develop onscreen, our feelings and attachments are formed. Over the course of four seasons, we’ve been treated to the character of Matt Murdock. He has had his faith shaken and has lost some of his most trusted friends. We also know that he had died.

Yes. We have witnessed the character experience much pain and suffering over those episodes. There have been lows and highs. Matt's new way of thinking is driven by the lows. The Kingpin returns to him and pushes him over the edge.

A New Villain


You can’t have a series about Daredevil without Bullseye making an appearance, right? Well *SPOILER ALERT* Bullseye is in this series, but not in the traditional way he’s been presented to us in the past in the Fox version of Daredevil and the comics. Wilson Bethel’s portrays one of Daredevil’s most hated foes with more of a psychological angle rather than a man who straight up loves to kill. We won’t go too far into spoiler territory here but this take on Bullseye was refreshing and surprising. Simply expected as an assassin for hire like he usually is presented, this wasn’t the case this time around.

It could be the fate of Marvel TV Universe.

Even if you don’t realize it, viewing figures carry an enormous amount of weight. If a show with a high cost of production doesn’t garner the number of viewers it needs, it’s simple to see why any studio would have reservations about continuing to produce a show with low viewership. No matter how a loyal a fanbase, if it’s too small then it is too small and all Marvel and Netflix will see is an indication that the show does not warrant the amount of money spent on it. Fans who have not watched the series in years could lose faith in its quality and cause damage to the brand. Make sure to get out there and watch Daredevil season three!

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