Will ‘1917’ be Coming to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-28 09:02:23

Perhaps 1917 will be the most popular war film since Dunkirk. Sam Mendes is the director of 1917. Will it eventually stream on Netflix? Let’s take a look.

With an all-star cast including the likes of Clin Firth, George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, and Daniel Mays starring, it’s easy to see what this movie is a home run. Two British soldiers have to send a message into enemy territory in order to stop the massacre of an entire battalion. This is set during WW1.

It has been winning awards shows all over, with two wins at recent Golden Globe events.

It will be in cinemas worldwide starting on January 10, 2020. However, it was screened in select cinemas in December in order to earn awards.

Now let’s take a look at the streaming status of 1917 although we would advise going to see at an IMAX cinema screen if you are able as it’s a visually stunning movie.

Is 1917 on Netflix USA?

We’ll begin with the US as that’s easiest to cover.

In short, Netflix in the United States may eventually get 1917 but it won’t be for many years.

That’s because Universal Pictures (who publishes and distributes the movie) currently has an output deal with HBO which lasts all the way up until 2022. Netflix could be interested in the renewal contract, as Netflix lost many major output agreements, including Dreamworks and Disney, recently.

Netflix gets some old Universal titles from time to time and seems to have an output agreement with Universals Home Group. It also receives all animated content by Illumination Entertainment.

Where will 1917 appear on Netflix?

Sadly, output deals aren’t widely publicized for other regions but we can make guesses based on what regions have received Universal Pictures titles in the past.

Netflix seems to be receiving Universal Pictures content regularly in the United Kingdom. They recently received The Hustle, which was distributed internationally by Universal. The movie was released in May 2019, and it arrived on Netflix late December 2018. Similar projections show that 1917 will arrive on Netflix UK in August 2020 and November 2020.

Universal Movies are also available in other Netflix countries, such as Australia and Canada. These movies can be viewed for a few years following their premier. Happy Death Day 2017 is available on Netflix in 13 countries, including Israel, India and Hong Kong as well as Greece, Poland (Poland), Thailand, South Africa and others.

That’s all we know so far about the Netflix release schedule for 1917. We’ll be updating this post over the next few years with any further information we get about the streaming schedule for the movie.


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