Will BBC’s ‘Fleabag’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-11-07 09:15:09

Fleabag was undoubtedly one of the most popular British TV shows of recent years. This comedy series starring Phoebe Waller Bridge has received rave reviews. It is now highly sought-after in this age of streaming. Will it appear on Netflix? Let’s take a look.

In recent years, the BBC has been less well-known for British comedy. Most hits seem to have come from Channel 4, which Netflix managed to acquire a few. “It’s The End of the F***ing World” comes immediately to mind.

This limited-run comedy series, which ran for just two seasons, was adapted from the play by a young lady who struggles to cope with London's modern life.

Olivia Colman is one of the main stars and is about to appear in The Crown season 3.

Fleabag to Netflix USA:

Sadly, Fleabag isn’t streaming on Netflix in the US right now, nor is it looking like it will be.

He revealed that Fleabag was going to Netflix in a recent interview. The title was the subject of a fierce bidding battle, but Netflix ultimately lost to Amazon because they were more interested than Netflix.

Amazon acquired streaming rights to the United States of America and United Kingdom in 2016

Fleabag will be available on Netflix outside of the United States.

It’s unlikely. Netflix is the leader in acquisitions, with most of its purchases occurring in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Given the show is relatively outside of the zeitgeist at this point, it’s unlikely Netflix will acquire Fleabag in any other region. Amazon is likely to expand their existing offering in other areas.

Netflix shows similar to Fleabag

Netflix has similar Fleabag-like offerings on its site, which is the good news.

If you’re looking for female-led comedies, look no further than Workin’ Moms from Canada and The Let Down from Australia. They both focus on new moms navigating the complicated new world of motherhood.

Dead to Me is another comedy featuring two lead women. This series is now a Netflix Original.

If it’s a British TV comedy you’re after, Netflix has plenty to chose from. All of the episodes can be viewed in their respective genre codes, 52140.

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