Will ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Come to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-26 09:30:21

Furthering The CW’s grip on the DC universe is clearly the intent of The CW but it’s unclear whether Netflix is part of that equation. This will be the third show that’s currently airing to sit alongside The Flash and Arrow in their shared universe. That means things are stepping up and Legends of Tomorrow is off to a great start but will those who’ve missed out be able to catch up on Netflix at any point? This is what we hope to discover.

The debut season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow focuses on multiple different heroes in the shared universe that’s also inhabited by CW’s other shows currently in production. The heroes here represent a different side of the story than our heroes. They’re a rag team of misfit super heroes that are working together after a time travelling Rip Hunter recruits them to stop an impending apocalypse from devouring the Earth as we know it.

There’s a ton of great characters in this and for a first season, it’s exceptionally well realized even at this early point in its development. It's worth noting that this cast includes ex-actors from Prison Break and Doctor Who.

In season 1 there’s been 16 confirmed episodes that started airing in January 2016 and will finish up on May 5th, 2016. The CW has been tight lipped about streaming options for the show but there’s a few things that could happen to the show and we’ve outlined them below.

The best case scenario would see Netflix pick up Legends of Tomorrow and update all CW content during their renewal period, which would in this instance be October 2016. That’d bring Legends of Tomorrow along with season 4 of Arrow and season 2 of The Flash to Netflix to service at the same time. Although this would be the best scenario, there are some rumors that it may not happen.

Firstly, the CW contract with Netflix comes to an end this year which could mean that not only would we not be able to catch Legends of Tomorrow ever being added, it’d also mean the removal of all the other DC content on Netflix too. Late last year, rumors circulated that CBS, the parent company of channels, was planning to launch its own streaming service.

Of course another option for the show could be that it’s exclusively signed up to the Hulu library but given the contract we mentioned earlier is currently shared by Hulu, that may not be a possibility either.

We really hope that it’s added to Netflix as I’m sure many of you guys are too.

Let us know what you think. What would you think?

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