Will ‘Deadpool’ 2 be Coming to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-05 12:47:03

“You’re so dark. Are you sure you’re not from the DC universe?” It’s about the time when we can expect to see Deadpool 2 arriving on streaming services around the world. Can we possibly expect Deadpool 2 to arrive on Netflix soon, considering the Marvel film deal Netflix has?

Deadpool 2 was released in theatres in June 2018. After a phenomenal run in the box office with the first film, the sequel didn’t fail to impress. Over $700 million was earned by the film at the box-office, making it the second movie to bring in more than $1.4 billion. The future of this anti-hero remains uncertain as negotiations continue for the Disney and FOX deal. But, considering how much cash the character is able to make it looks like there will be a third movie.

The merc’ with a mouth is back! Wade is forced to save Cable from Russell, an angry teenage mutant from his orphanage when he meets him. Cable travels back to his dystopian past and decides to kill Russell, after his cousin killed his family. Deadpool realizes he's in a bind and enlists help from other super-powered heroes to fight Cable.

Is Deadpool 2 coming to Netflix US soon?

It's short: no. Sadly the likelihood is Deadpool 2 won’t be coming to Netflix at all. It will likely be available for subscribers via HBO Now or Hulu, just like its predecessor. Although Deadpool 2 cannot be streamed right now, it can still be rented or purchased through Google Play and YouTube.

Many people will have the question “Well isn’t Deadpool 2 a Marvel film?” and yes while you are correct it is not apart of the MCU. Until the Disney acquisition, Deadpool 2 will remain under Fox's ownership. Only MCU titles will be available on Netflix; any Fox titles are not included in this agreement.

How about in other areas?

Netflix UK only had the first movie for two years. Deadpool 2 will soon be available on Sky Go and Now TV for a short time. Once it leaves Sky and Now TV many other streaming services will be bidding to stream the merc’ with a mouth.

Do you want Deadpool 2 to be available in your area? Comment below to let us know!


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